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Pleiadian February 2022 Message

Beloved ones we greet you,


An aura of brilliance, that we liken to a Nova, surrounds your Earth. As you entered the new time framework of 2022 there was a brilliant explosion of liquid light that emanated from the magnetic core of the earth plane. As this light traveled across the planet, it also moved outwards shifting the entire makeup of the magnetic field of Earth.


Over this last calendar month these brilliant frequencies have begun to ‘settle’ into an energetic multidimensional landscape, while continuing to build in vibrational waves, dramatically shifting the Earth’s functioning. This expansive brilliance of consciousness has formed a continual spiraling energetic light movement, like a Nova. This Nova is encasing the planet as it is continually growing and becoming more expansive in its form. Your planet’s frequency has fully aligned with the signature energy with the rest of the Universal God Consciousness state.


We, the Pleiadians and the rest of the Universal life force groups are actively witnessing a stabilized, shimmering pulsing light that is emanating around your earth plane. Earth is now a place where each of you can begin to thrive as this higher vibrational light force is working within your entire energetic and physical systems. Your physical bodies have been and continue to undergo a rapid transmutation process to bring a fortification, a higher nutritional light to forge through your systems.


This is an essential design to strengthen and fortify your Heart and to build up your circulatory systems throughout your body. These fortifications allow your brain’s function to accelerate for the next step of your unfolding process. With the enormous multidimensional shifts taking place within, your systems are going to require a much more expansive and powerful framework for you to fully operate within the frequency of your Higher Self light.


Your physical and energetic systems are responding right now to an arising creation light within you. The pulsing unlocks a code, like a time lock within you. Activating a time sensitive mechanism within your Heart cells, brain, spinal fluid, the entire spinal column, and sacrum enlivening a higher potential within you. This quickening creates a higher frequency of your own unique essence to engage through your systems as a natural happening.


Your own higher consciousness has been relinked to you during this entire shifting process, aligned through each brain cell and the nervous system is carrying a pure electrical imprint pulse of the vibrational light flow of your Higher Self.


This is the sacred juncture where you have the potential for another level of your self-realization; meaning that you can utilize your higher light consciously to create what you desire in life. A bridge has been reformed between you and the multidimensional realms of the unlimited God creation energy of Self. You have a natural birthright of abundance which has been activated during the time of the ‘Split’ at New Year. Your God essence is feeding you, realigning you to Truth. Your unlimited ‘knowing’ and knowledge is available for you to utilize, as a natural stream of your light is entering your Heart cells and interacting through your brain synapses, redesigning your nervous systems.


Those of you on the path have all been launched into the arena of your authentic aspect of Self. Now it is up to you to utilize these higher connections of Self to bring forth, to draw forth that, which you desire to make manifest your destiny. There are no limitations for you, no boundaries set in place. This is a moment of self-discovery of your higher nature as you re-enter the higher multidimensional light time realms and reimagine a life for yourself as you learn to channel the simple desire through your Heart to be made manifest in your life.


Remember it is through your Heart that you can access your newly acquired frequency settings of light. This light is a unique patterned vibrational light of your Self. To gain this access to these frequencies is simple; open your awareness through your Heart and orientate to the higher vibrations which now exist. Free flow through your vibrational light with your awareness, let go into the vast expression of your fluidity, your multidimensional self!


In truth you are your Heart. There are a series of steps to be taken for you to fully realize your true nature that exists within your Heart. All true authentic communion arises from your Heart center and this time is about you choosing to shifting your perspective, to begin to orientate yourself through your Heart’s perspective. Your Heart’s passion activates an aliveness, a quickening of light throughout your systems. True joy and peace arises through you as you regain your sacred rhythm within the makeup of your physical body.


You have arrived at a new juncture within yourselves. This entire energetic process of ‘the Split’ at New Year has set humanity on a higher path potential, onto an expansive cycle of awakening. You can begin to emerge, like a butterfly leaving the cocoon. You are the bud of a flower that begins to open its petals to the light of the Sun. Continue to let go day by day allowing a deeper and deeper orientation of your vibrational light to be self-realized.


You are destined to move through a series of expressions of being, into a series of redefined continual unfolding waves of your expression. As you move through these stages you are to undergo readjustments within the unique vibrational light of your Self. As each stage unfolds you will be required to let go on another level, to allow a redefinition of you to be unveiled. During this process it is essential that you choose to let go of your stories from the past limited lives. Your past does not define you anymore. The past only carries the old ways of illusion of your ego mind. Your human story has brought you into a series of human experiences in order to learn. Now is the time to move forward into new terrain.


The past is complete and has no further benefits for you within this present arena. Stepping forward within this timeframe you get to choose the unlimited potentials for you to return. This is a time of re-orientation, a returning home to yourself, the living light of your sacred to anchor, to actively engage through your physical cells. Your physical body becomes a chamber that carries an expansive multidimensional unlimited expression of your authentic life force.


Those of you on the path are destined to make this energetic transmutation of your physical form, to transition on a conscious level through the engagement of your Heart. The main reorientation takes place within the Heart, Pineal and telepathic center in your brain. They collectively engage, creating between them the sacred unlimited form of a Pyramid.


The Pyramid energetic actually forms within your physical body between these three components (your Heart, Pineal and telepathic center) activating your own Merkaba body. The frequency of the Pyramid births a sacred metamorphic shift to open within, this form is a higher vibrational aspect of you that creates an intense synergy of your light to form and stabilize through you.


Your Pineal has already begun to reorientate itself, activating into its higher purpose of directly aligning to your telepathic communion center, supporting you to realign naturally beyond the 4th dimension. This realignment brings you into a state of stabilization within the 5th dimensional realms and beyond. Your Pineal is designed at this juncture to reopen doorways to allow you to engage and work consciously with pre agreements made active now, with your family of light.


There is much for those of you who are ‘way showers’ to accomplished within the arena of your Earth. Each one of you carry your unique divine signature within your Heart, you are recognized by the entire Universe by this signature. This unique frequency that you hold, acts like a key to a door, your frequency of light is like a thumb print creating a unique pattern of sacred light that creates a highlighted imprint throughout Earth. Your imprint sets this next step of the earth plane’s destiny in motion as you actively, consciously engage through your Heart, Pineal and telepathic center.


Each one of you are destined to make a greater impact on Earth as you actively unfold in this higher consciousness state of being. Collectively your unique imprints of power are destined to merge at a certain moment, setting in motion a new order on Earth. Remember you are all part of the God consciousness state. There is a natural ability for the forging of your collective imprints to form a pure network that will ultimately shift the consciousness and multidimensional forms on Earth.




Conscious Breath:  a breath in and out of the mouth. (This does not replace the normal breathing pattern). The Conscious breath allows a letting go energy to be released through your system. Old belief systems and patterns begin to shed off you.

Sacred Sound:  ZAHNNN EEE… (pronounced zarn ee):  As you make the sacred sound your heart cells recognize your unique frequency the sound creates and activates your imprint essence.

Position of Pineal: one inch (2.5cm) above the 3rd eye.




  1. Hold your Heart with both palms resting on your chest. Utilize the Conscious breath placing it like a soft wind into where your hands rest on your chest. Do this 3 times.
  2. Open your awareness where your palms rest onto your chest area (heart space) whether you see sense or feel the essence of your heart. Take another Conscious breath and let go.
  3. Place the sacred sound, ZAHNNN EEE… within your Heart space that you see, sense, or feel. Witness how your sacred sound opens up your Heart on another level. Place your sound again, open your awareness deeper within the space that you see, sense, or feel.
  4. Hold one hand on your chest and touch your Pineal with your index finger of the other hand. Bring your awareness to where you feel your index finger on your Pineal.
  5. Place your Conscious breath like a soft wind into your Pineal. Let go into your experience.
  6. Place your sacred sound, ZAHNNN EEE…into the Pineal space, remember you are entering an expansive doorway, just breath and let go into the space that you see, sense, or feel.
  7. The energy of the Pyramid begins to open through you. You may see this, sense this, or feel this opening up through you. Place your sound, ZAHNNN EEE…within the Pyramid energy, let go within your experience.
  8. Move your awareness and 2nd hand back to your Heart. Place as many sounds, ZAHNNN EEE… into the space. Feel, see, or sense how the imprint of your light is expanding. Use the Conscious breath and continue to let go ….


NOTE:  You can do this process as often as you feel to for your realignments.


Your next steps will arise continually from within your own Heart. We celebrate you as you launch your imprint and take your place!



The Pleiaidians