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Christine’s Message February 2022


How wonderful it has been to immerse myself into the new energetic arena of earth since we entered 2022. I have been bathed in a higher brilliance of myself and the Pleiadians are asking me to bring a daily conscious focus within the expanded space of my multidimensional light that I am currently experiencing through the doorway of my Heart.


This really entails a strong conscious effort of letting go within the daily moments of living. There are so many moments I am experiencing spaces unfamiliar to me, and so I let go when I have the awareness and continue opening to moments, merging with my higher consciousness light and feeling an expanded sense of liberation and peace.


I have moments of great clarity and then moments of ‘not knowing’. My focused intention is to be consciously aware; even as sometimes the illusion of daily life may appear very strong. In that moment, I let go and open into the vast light, the beauty of truth that simultaneously exists.


I am aware of my strong creation element in action flowing through my life, and in that sense, I am utilizing the flow to consciously create that which I need and desire for myself in my daily living.


Try not to take life too seriously, move with consciousness when you can and hold your human aspect with love, compassion, and patience. And most importantly of all remember you are not alone. Call forth the support you need now.


This is a grand adventure that we all share at this sacred time. I am grateful to all of us on the path who have said yes to being here, as we each play our individual and collective roles.


Love and blessings,