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Pleiadian Message January 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


You have arrived at a new juncture within yourselves. This entire process set before you is a new beginning. You shift to emerge, like a bud of a flower, opening up its petals to the light of the Sun. You are to move through a series of unfolding stages within your unique vibrational light of Self. This is a time of re-orientation, a returning home to yourself, allowing the living light of your sacred to anchor, to actively engage through your physical cells. Your physical body becomes a chamber to hold the expansive unlimited expression of your life force.


Those of you on the path are destined to make this energetic alignment into your physical form to transition now on a conscious level. You are to reorientate to your higher vibrations through a metamorphic shift within your telepathic brain center. Your Pineal has reorientated to begin its higher purpose of telepathic communion beyond 4th dimension. This stabilization within the 5th dimensional realms will allow you to engage and work consciously with pre agreements active at this time, with your family of light.


There is much to be accomplished within the arena of your Earth. Each one of you are destined to play a greater more conscious role within the unfolding consciousness within humanity on Earth.


We celebrate you as you take your place!



The Pleiaidians