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Christine’s Message January 2022



How wonderful to witness the shimmering light that is emanating throughout our planet as we entered the new time framework of 2022. This is a different arena in which we can all thrive, where our own higher consciousness is aligned to each brain cell and our brain synapses are carrying a pure electrical pulse of light flow of your Higher Self for you to utilize now in your life.


This is the sacred juncture where we have the added potential of self-realization, meaning that you can utilize your higher light consciously to create what you are desiring in life. You have a natural birthright of abundance that has been activated during the time of the ‘Split’ at New Year.


We have been launched into a different way of being, and it is up to you to utilize your higher connections to bring to yourself that which your Heart desires. Remember it is through your Heart that you can access your newly acquired frequency settings of light. This light is a unique patterned vibrational light of your Self. To gain this access is simple; open your awareness through your Heart and orientate to the higher vibrations, which now exist. Free flow through your vibrational light with your awareness, and let go into the vast expression of fluidity!


Continue to let go day by day allowing a deeper and deeper orientation of your vibrational Self.


I send love and blessings out to each one of your Hearts!