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Pleiadian December 2021 Message

Beloved ones we greet you,


Your earth plane is fast approaching the ‘big shift’, which is destined to unfold as you complete the cycle of 2021 and rotate into the next energetic cycle of 2022. This will be a completion of an essential phase of your time of preparation, and 2022 will herald in the beginning of a new era of consciousness for you and the planet. All of you who are on an awakened path on Earth are on the cusp of great change and self-revelation. We, the Pleiaidians call this next step the biggest energetic transfer ever to take place during this current transition of Earth.


At the very moment you enter the frequency of 2022 a multidimensional energetic ‘Split’ will impact the entire sphere of the earth plane. The Split is not a separation, you have been in separation for lifetimes, rather it is a naturally happening of returning to the original state of Oneness. The ‘Split’ can be likened to an opening in a dark sky, the clouds open and the Sun streams down onto Earth and into you. Those of you who are aligned to your Hearts will be ready to orientate and enter this higher dimensional environmental light that will open at the time of the ‘Split’. At that moment you will be launched into an expanded alternated reality timeframe. This is where those of you on a conscious path will be relocated, relinked into a higher consciousness network. This alternate reality space reopening is destiny in motion, a part of the unfolding of the Aquarian Age.


At the very moment, of the ‘Split’ you will be merged, within a oneness flow. You will become aligned within a higher light consciousness, which is only one aspect of the whole. You are to take your unique place within the sacred redefinition of Earth’s magnetic light as these shifts within the Split occur. These alternate reality, multidimensional frequencies forge open a blessed environment, an alternative experience for you to enliven yourself. Remember you are not separate from these spaces of light which are re-emerging, you have never been separate. This is a returning to, a reunion to sacred components of your Higher Self that are held within these higher realm alternate realities.


These alternate reality spaces have always existed on Earth. This is the first time that you are ready as a collective community to begin to orientate organically back into these sacred spaces as a natural extension of your daily experiences. Through living within the essence of these alternate reality spaces you will begin to engage differently within your life. Your consciousness will evolve, aligning deeply to your Higher Self components. These spaces are designed to realign you into a stabilized state within the more expanded light consciousness state of your Higher Self.


Only through your Heart will you be able to fully engage through these alternate reality spaces. You Heart will become the essential tool for you to first orientate and then engage within an entire metamorphic process. Your Heart will become a stabilizing element for you within these higher realm light spaces.


These expanded states are expressly designed to align you into component levels of your Higher Self and then create an anchor within the very center of your multidimensional Heart.  This upcoming time is intended for your rapid transmutation. You being revealed to yourself, you gaining a higher understanding and insight of your own unique divine component.


The sacred Vortexes, Sites and Portals are now holding vibrational mirrors of this higher consciousness essence in readiness for the ‘Split’. These sacred spaces will continue to build in vibrational patterns mirroring these powerful light reflections, expanding in momentum throughout the planet leading into the time of the ‘Split’. These frequencies are geared to evolve as the sacred patterns accumulate together, forming a spiraling crescendo of light. This spinning light will explode and form a brilliant wave of consciousness at the time of the ‘Split’, as the energetic moment of 2022 unfolds.


Powerful forces have entered your planet this month, designed to support all awakened communities that are scattered throughout the earth plane. As you draw nearer to the end of December an expansive vibrational light pulse will begin to emanate from within the Magnetic core of your earth. This light pulse will begin to interact directly within your Heart cells in preparation for the ‘Shift’.  This pulsation is designed to shift the energetic origin of your Heart’s framework, realigning your Heart into a multidimensional fluid frame of light vibration is readiness to enter these alternate reality spaces.


Each community base is playing a pivotal role right now, bringing forth a sacred signature within each communion setting. As you gather within your groups be conscious as you align to one another. Spend moments of stillness together while linking into your Heart center, form an energetic circle and create a circle of Heart’s. Each one of you holds a unique divine vibration element within your Heart, collectively you can form a powerful circle of light which will impact the Earth’s balance of light in readiness for the time of the ‘Split’.


Your Heart center is limitless in its capacity to hold the multidimensional frequency of your Higher Self light. The sacred force, the power you hold within the true pure existence of your Heart is unimaginable to you at this juncture. At the time of the ‘Split’ your Heart’s true natural potential will be revealed to you.


You will be ignited by this light vibration within every cell in your physical body, like a pure flame that will mirror through all aspects of your cellular makeup. Your DNA will go through a rapid repositioning process. Simultaneously sacred encryptions of your Higher Self will be re-established within your brain cells, setting in motion a reorientation within your Being, opening you into a deeper alignment to Truth.


As the energy evolves the frequency of the of 3rd dimension playout on your planet will become more magnified and at a certain point there will be a fracturing within the drama. The illusion will begin to lessen its hold, so that you find yourself engage more readily away from the illusion and align to Truth. What is essential right now is for you to remain mindful to simply witness the playout of drama on the planet while consciously choosing to move beyond drama and align to your Heart connection.


Every time you consciously create this action of alignment your Heart cells transmute. Each time you choose to move beyond the illusion through your Heart there is a quickening within every cell in your body. You create the building blocks for an expansive framework within your Heart through a conscious choice action by you. Your Heart sets in motion a ripple that moves outwards across the entire earth plane promoting great change. There is a need to energetically prepare for the upcoming ‘Split’ through a combined focus within your Heart and at the same time letting go.


As the ‘Split’ happens you will reunite into a higher consciousness reality. You have never been separated from the divine consciousness. This sacred aspect of your Higher Self has always been a presence in your lives just beyond the veil. As you move closer to the end of this year a series of veils are designed to lift to create revelations of Truth, this is your destiny in motion.


Each one of you is destined to play a major role during this upcoming Shift on Earth. As you actively choose to engage deeper within your multidimensional Heart your frequency of light expands and interacts within the energetic framework of Earth supporting the balance of light on the planet. It is essential to realize how your individual divine frequency impacts Earth and the entire Universe. Collectively your unique divine frequencies of the Oneness help to maintain a working balance of light for the entire earth plane.


You are being asked to open your awareness and to create building blocks within your multidimensional Heart now in readiness for the Split. As you allow these sacred transformations to build within your Heart space you are being repositioned to align within your next step of your transitional unfolding.


As you enter a new phase of your enlightenment at the timeframe of 2022 an essential aspect of your mission is self-realized as you move into another arena, an expansive multidimensional frequency within your multidimensional Heart. As you enter these higher energetic reality spaces you are restored back to your Blessings, these have always been carried within the extension of your multidimensional Heart.


Through the ‘Split’ you begin a new pathway into a self-realization process of knowing and knowledge. You will naturally reopen into another form of rebirth that will become manifest through these alternate reality spaces. The power of the higher realm light held within these alternate realities on Earth will undergo a complete metamorphic shift and you are destined to thrive as you access this higher essence framework of light within your Heart.


We wish to acknowledge the vibrational presence your collective and individual paths create at this juncture. Through your dedication to your awakening the timing of the ‘Split’ is made possible. Understand that only those of you in human form, through the instrument of your Heart will the Earth’s vibrational links be enabled to shift back into a sacred realignment with the entire resident Universe.  This is what has been foretold in the sacred Prophecies.


We, the Pleiadians are transmitting a constant series of light initiations during this last calendar cycle leading into the Split. We hold our commitment to you steadfast throughout this sacred time frame of destiny. We bring the gifts of the light to you and the planet at this juncture.


These light initiations are dedicated for the expressed purpose of you engaging and realigning to the creations of the sacred redesign within your physical and energetic body. We hold a stabilizing Platform of light to support you into these unique and powerful realignments for the preparation of your returning – both leading into the ‘Split’, at the time of the great ‘Split’ and after the great ‘Split’.




We give you a sacred sound to place within your Heart daily to support this transmutation process in preparation of the ‘Split’.

Sacred Sound, ANAE ENSTAHNNN…  (pronounced – anay enstarnnn…)


  1. Hold your hands on your chest (which is the central space of your Heart) Bring your awareness to where your hands connect to the physical body.
  2. Place a Conscious breath, like a soft wind into your Heart. The Conscious breath is a breath in the mouth, and it is released out the mouth. This does not replace the normal breathing cycle.
  3. Place your sound, ANAE ENSTAHNNN… into the space of your Heart. As many times as you feel.
  4. Witness how your Heart unfolds with the unique frequency of your sounds. Let go and align deeper to your Heart.


Note: You can work with this process cycle as many times as you feel to in your day.


We play a pivotal role during this intense recalibration of Earth. You can call on us for support knowing ahead of time that you will require a series of energetic adjustments within your systems as you move through these series of intense realignments from December, January, into February and beyond. We remain fully committed to our mission, and unlike any other time in the history of Earth our ongoing support is paramount in importance as you navigate through this transitional juncture.


We witness you in love.



The Pleiadians