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Pleiadian November 2021 Message

Beloved ones we greet you,


As you move closer to the end of this year a series of veils will begin to lift, they begin to reveal Truth to you on another level. This is part of your destiny in motion as revelations and blessings are being returned to you, bringing you into a higher understanding and alignment of your own unique divine components. The call going out is to accelerate into these sacred moments of your makeup and reclaim your heritage. All is in hand as you take another step forward creating multidimensional building blocks within your Heart.


As you move closer to completing this year’s cycle there are a waves of fluid energy, which carry powerful light forces that are entering Earth. These forces of light are designed to expand and build during the months of October, November and December. Creating a shift within the magnetic frequency of the earth’s Magnetic Core, and birthing a higher resonance of light to emanate, pulse from the Magnetic Core outwards across the earth plane. An expanded fluid energetic patterning is arising from the Magnetic Core in the form of an expanding light spiral.


An electrical shift is activating within the magnetic core of Earth, creating openings, forming a series of new vortexes throughout the planet. This is not a new environment that is being forged, these multidimensional structures have always existed throughout all time. These happenings are a resurrection of pure light frequency consciousness arising on Earth. They take the form of sacred geometrical patterns for the designated purpose to create openings to shift your conscious connections to the divine element of Truth. These forms are interacting within your energetic field, heart cells and Brain creating some disorientation in your day- to-day reality experience. Letting go within your Heart in conscious moments supports you to adjust physically, energetically and emotionally through the multidimensional changing landscape of Earth.


The Earth’s rotation is shifting and causing a strengthening of a more direct alignment and alliance to the Sun. This happening is also creating a further disorientation within your systems. This is the time to let go and to create moments of focus within your Heart to offset this feeling of confusion within the ego mind. You are navigating into not new, however into unfamiliar territory that can bring your human mind into a feeling of chaos and being out of control.


The Covenant’s webbing is assisting you in this entire transitional process. This webbing is interacting directly within the Magnetic Core, creating a spiral like flow of light moving from the inner core outwards and across the planet. The spiraling light expands its form as it flows, deepening the multidimensional potential as it also interacts within your heart cells.


These spirals enter a transmitter, which exists in each heart cell. These spiraling light particles are designed to launch you into a rapid transmutation process. The light particles enter the transmitter within the heart cell, giving you access to the focused potential of your Higher Self. These interactions allow you to gain access into the expanded vibrational framework of the Heart cell. The Covenant webbing has made this manifestation within your Heart possible.

Simultaneously the activation within your Hearts transmitter is upgrading and realigning your energetic systems into a more expansive higher energetic resonance throughout your energetic field and systems of your physical body. This transformational process is designed to prepare you for this complete energetic reset which is going to take place on your planet as you move into the 2022 timeframe.


The collective destiny, of those of you actively on a conscious path, will contribute to the unfolding of Earth. You are to play a major role during this time of transition on Earth. This is a key, pivotal moment for all of you and we wish to acknowledge the power and presence your collective and individual paths create in the Plan.


As you actively choose to engage deeper within your multidimensional Heart your unique frequency of light can expand and naturally interact within the energetic framework of Earth. You individually support the balance of light on the planet. This process of returning to reality beyond the illusion is a major aspect of your destiny in motion. Revelations are about to be bestowed upon you, aligning you into a higher understanding and alignment of your own unique divine components.


The time has arrived for you to begin preparations for these upcoming changes. You are required to set in motion a deeply focused attention allow for a deeper union within your Heart space. As you engage within your Heart there is a natural multidimensional recalibration that begins to take place. All that is required for this change is you choosing moments to align your awareness within your Heart space.


Through you bringing a conscious focus within your Heart a higher energetic arena will open naturally, like a door opening, giving you access to another element of your Higher Self, which has always existed in your Heart. This opening will enable you to become housed, anchored within your multidimensional Heart structure. You will be moved into a self-realization process within your Heart. You will become aligned to the frequencies of Home.


In truth you have never been separated from the divine consciousness of God. The sacred aspect of Self has been a constant presence in your life. As you consciously align into your Heart you return to this higher expression of yourself. You have the potential to anchor and activate this higher component of your Higher Self within your day to day lives. You can shift your experiences within any moment simply by moving your focus from your Ego mind to your Heart. This is the time for you to shift your awareness creating a rapid transmutation of light within you. Each time you choose to move beyond the illusion through your Heart every cell in your body accelerates in a transformation process.


The illusion of the 3rd dimension drama which is being played out on your planet is undergoing a constant magnification. The Covenant’s light is continually expanding, and the spirals of light are accelerating throughout the planet. We wish to guide you to consciously witness the playout of the drama in your life and community, you do not need to become part of this drama.  Then consciously move your awareness beyond this illusion into a higher consciousness space. You achieve this by transferring your awareness into your physical chest, which is at the center of your energetic Heart. Your Heart is the avenue for your stabilization, moving you into peace and an alignment to knowing, through the communion to your Higher Self essence.


There is much about to be revealed as you develop a connection through Communion with other human beings. You each carry a sacred unique aspect of God light, one not more than another. Your individual light contributes to complete the whole and at this juncture you are being asked to make this communion manifest between you and others through a connection of Hearts.


This communion is destiny, a sacred vision of bringing forth the manifestation of your collective oneness through the alignment of individual Heart frequencies. You need to accept how your individual divine frequency impacts Earth. Collectively your Hearts maintain a working balance of light for the planet. As the action of this Communion unfolds you form a communion of power, of light unparalleled in its significance for the full transition and transformation of the Earth’s consciousness.


This process of alignment involves two or more people coming together with their collective Heart energy. The sacred merging forms a high synergy of light through the element of communion. Through this communion you create profound change within the consciousness of the planet, as a pure frequency is birthed from the action of conscious communion. This action of connection is a next step in the plan for the rebalancing of the light consciousness on Earth. Simultaneously as the communion process unfolds within you the telepathic center in your brain goes through a metamorphic process. The telepathic center becomes ‘switched on’ as the cells become recalibrated dimensionally. Enabling you to form an expanded conscious alignment to your higher realm consciousness.


You require the activation of your telepathic center to receive and engage with the rest of the Universal community. Telepathic communion is the only way the rest of our Universe communicates. This is your time to fulfill aspects of your mission to develop relationships with alternate life force groups which exist within your resident Universe.


As you redevelop your telepathic skills you will notice how your relationship within the spiritual realms will flourish. You enable yourself to receive a deeper transmission of light from your spiritual groups within telepathic communion and you get to play a fuller role within the God consciousness collective which you are a part.


There are a series of Sacred Words that we are going to provide to you now to support rapid alignments to take place within your own Heart space. When you place these words into your Heart space you bring your unique frequency into your heart cells. Like a key to a door, these words open a multidimensional access to your Heart cells. Your heart cells recognize the unique frequency you create as you place these words within your Heart arena.




1. Place the palms of your hands on your full chest area.


2. Bring your awareness to where you feel the warmth or pressure of the hands on your chest. Take a Conscious breath, this is a breath in the mouth and released out the mouth, place this breath like a soft wind within the space.


3. Wait till you feel see or sense an opening within your Heart, your Heart is responding to your breath. Utilize the Conscious breath as many times as you feel.


4. Now keep your awareness within the space of your Heart while you place the words into this space:




ENTAE ESTE  (entay estay)


ENTAH ANAE (entar anay)


TAEN NAE ESTE (ta yen nay estay)


ANAE, ANAE, ANAE  (anay, anay, anay)


5. As you place the words fully, open your awareness within the space of your Heart that you see, sense or feel, take a Conscious breath and let go. Feel yourself move deeper.


You can do this process once or many times, as frequently as you feel.


Know how much you are loved. We witness you and are here to support you. Call us forward at any moment for support in your process.



The Pleiadians