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Pleiadian Message November 2021

Beloved ones we greet you,

Powerful forces are entering your planet this month supporting all your awakened communities throughout Earth. The sacred vortexes, sites and portals are holding vibrational mirrors of a higher consciousness frequency. They will continue to hold these reflections as they build in momentum and birth throughout the planet. These frequencies will evolve into a sacred crescendo of brilliant light consciousness at the time of the Split, at the juncture of New Year.

You become one within the light consciousness of God at that moment. You take your unique places within the sacred redefinition of Earth’s magnetic light as these shifts within the Split occur. These alternate reality, multidimensional frequencies forge open a blessed environment, an alternative experience for you to enliven yourself.

Remember you are not separate from these spaces of light, which are re-emerging. You have never been separate. This is a returning, reunion to sacred components of your Higher Self.

You can call us forward at any time for energetic adjustments as you go through a series of intense realignments over these next months. We are committed in our mission of ongoing support by holding the energetic platform for the planet and for you individually.


The Pleiadians