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Christine’s Message September 2021


This last month has had a lot of 3rd dimensional challenges that have continued to build around our planet. As the multidimensional light expands on Earth there is an acceleration of density being unearthed across our planet, and the drama continues to build in momentum.

The Pleiadians bring a simple message: to let go and trust what is unfolding and unravelling within our lives at this juncture. Each one of us on the path needs to allow a further alignment within our individual Hearts, to enter and participate within the higher order of light that is infiltrating our Heart’s. Bringing to each one of us a deepening understanding and insight of our missions.

I have been given many insights on what is continuing to unfold within the reality experience within the illusion here. Simultaneously I am witnessing waves of pure light consciousness sourcing from the multidimensional realms flowing, interacting within the Heart and our energetic field. New higher sources of light are coming to each one of us who choose to consciously align into our Heart space to receive.

This is the time for renewal of returning Home. These beautiful spaces of consciousness have been revealed to me and I have been awakened on another level within this pure consciousness flow of myself.

I am filled with gratitude as I find myself removed even more completely from the drama of day to day living. I am appreciating the magic of being alive on Earth during this time.

Love and blessings,