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Pleiadian Message July 2021

Beloved ones we greet you, Earth has entered an intense transition point and a new phase has been heralded in as the Covenant essence has anchored on your earth plane.  This activation of the Covenant was always to be a major turning point of your unfolding destiny; to make manifest the state of a collective communion light on Earth through the joining of your multidimensional Hearts.

The Covenant has a unique God consciousness state that has originated from the higher order of light and it holds out to you a steady mirror, reflecting to you the pure essence of your creation light.

This is the time for you to choose self-empowerment of realignment to your creation element, which can be accessed through your Heart. Allow yourself to become realigned to your authentic aspect of your sacred element. The support is here for you to reach within your Heart and stabilize into the frequency of your creation essence. This is the time for you to enter another elemental realm of Self. There is no reason to wait.

At this juncture on your earth plane the illusional drama is building, and it will continue to build in intensity. There is nothing to fear, witness the drama and choose to let go. Take moments aligning within your Heart space.

We can only hold the platform for you; we cannot take this next step forward on your behalf. Your mission is to actively engage through the multidimensional framework of your Heart.

We witness you in love


The Pleiadians