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Pleiadian July 2021 Message

Beloved ones we greet you,  Your Earth now holds the energetic imprint, mirroring a sacred light, which has been anchored by the expansive power of the sacred Covenant. This Covenant entered your planet during last month’s cycle; it was always destined to be bestowed upon humanity for your self-empowerment. The Covenant carries a specific design for you to realign individually to your higher knowing, unveiling the sacred Truths of your multidimensional heritage.

You are to be returned to a natural higher order of light. As the energy of the Covenant expands across the planet there is a heralding in of a frequency holding transformational change for those of you who choose to claim this multidimensional aspect of Self. This Covenant holds the promise of you returning to the light of Oneness. You initially arose, were birthed from the Oneness, these are your sacred roots, your natural heritage and now you return.

This is an unveiling process of discovery of Self. When we say unveil, we refer to you choosing your destiny of realignment to your multidimensional aspect. Your sacred element has always been fully alive, intact just beyond the veils. There is nothing you have to change about your humanity in order to relink into your Higher Self. This reconnection is totally separate, pure and is never impacted by your 3rd dimensional Ego mind state of being human.

Beyond the veil you exist in perfection, and this sacred aspect of you has been holding a steady guiding light around you since you entered Earth. Destiny now steps forward through the anchoring of the essence of the Covenant on planet earth. This was a pre-agreement made before you entered this lifetime. This pre-agreement has now been made active for your transformational awakening.

The purpose of the Covenant frequency is to for you to be enabled in launching yourself into your multidimensional natural state of fluidity. In truth you are a multidimensional being. Beyond the 3rd dimensional human ego state you exist as pure fluid light consciousness.

As the essence of the Covenant entered your planet in last month’s cycle a sacred Framework of light was established within your Heart cells. Your Heart was simultaneously electrically recalibrated to facilitate you to engage fully within the vibration of the sacred Covenant. This will allow you to anchor and fully interact within this higher multidimensional Framework now.

As you consciously choose to enter your Heart cells, this Framework is designed to open outwards, like a bud of a flower opening its petals.

The power of the Covenant has accelerated across Earth, expanding its focused purpose on those who consciously open to receive. The Covenant’s vibration begins to create a fluid sacred design of light that begins to illuminate through the cells of your Heart. This is purity in motion, the action of a brilliant creation of reconnection to your higher order of light entering and anchoring through your physical cells.

The Covenant energy activates a conversion within you. Bringing a release of Karma and the lifting off the many aspects of the bonds, which have tied you to the 3rd dimension illusion of fear that you have carried within you for lifetimes. This density is playing a role, as a fog like energy, dulling your senses, blocking you from Truth, preventing you from opening into the full brilliance of the Sun, to the joy. As the old heaviness lifts, the rays of the Sun will illuminate your consciousness, move you into a remembering and revive your Heart’s sacred role. Through your Heart you establish the living link to your higher consciousness state.

Your unfolding is dependent on your active choice to change. Only you can set in motion this reconnection and fully utilize the powerful force of the Covenant to come home to your self.

The vibrational light of the Covenant opens doorways for you to enter within the energetic structures of your multidimensional light.

While your sacred makeup is one of total fluid light, the full expression of your fluidity can be likened to a Whirlpool. You are a constant moving force existing within a series of multidimensional platforms. Within these platforms are individual components of vibrational light forms creating unique patterns of vibrational flows. This is the design of your multidimensional Heart frequency, which carries your unique divine signature light within the ‘Oneness’.

You are being given the grace at this juncture to consciously align and anchor to your own vibrational signature. Your fluid light carries the essence, holds the link of your pure vibration of the higher order of light. These vibrations are like fluid waves making up the Whirlpool, which is an extension of your Heart.

There is vast crystalline network that was anchored through your physical body on 12/12/12. This crystalline structure enables you now to hold the full-mirrored spectrum of your creation light element within your physical form. As your fluid light anchors within your crystalline structure, it’s as though a light switch is turned on and your entire crystalline structure is instantaneously illuminated.

This brilliance sets in motion a next step of your evolutionary cycle within your life, propelling you into the next phase of your awakening. The waves of your creation light will be stabilized through your crystalline structure, forging a series of realignments to your higher consciousness state, as you are ready to embody higher levels of your creation light.

You will be enabled to enter ‘a next phase’ of your awakening as you align to many aspects of the Diamond energy, which is an essential component of the Covenant vibration. The multidimensional facets of your sacred consciousness will be sourced from this pure, creation light of Self that has always been held for you within the ‘Oneness’. This whole process is your living frequency being reawakened, allowing you to transcend the 3rd dimensional illusion.

As the Diamond light energy continues to expand and transform within your Heart there will be an ongoing and gradual unveiling of you unfolding. The Diamond light energy will reveal the chamber of your sacred Heart and set in motion ‘a returning’ of your multidimensional redesign.



This is your opportunity to align further within the frequency of the Diamond energy and merge further within your higher consciousness. Know that the Diamond energy is an aspect of the Oneness. Your unique vibrational signature is also an aspect of the Oneness.

CONSCIOUS BREATH:  A breath in the mouth and then out of the mouth. This breath creates an energetic frequency, which aligns you beyond the Ego mind. This breath does not replace your normal breathing. The Conscious breath is created to support you in realigning, re-anchoring beyond the 3rd dimensional space.

  1. Create hand position: thumbs touch and index fingers touch. You almost make a diamond like shape window when both sets of your fingers join.
  2. Bring your awareness within the diamond shape window and place a Conscious breath, like a soft wind, within the window.
  3. Open up your awareness within the space of the window that you see, sense or feel. Place your sound, ENTAH (pronounced EN TAR) within the opening. Feel see or sense how you are received by the Diamond essence space.
  4. Bring the sound, ENTAH, once more within the space you find yourself. Open up your awareness a little more.
  5. Take a Conscious breath into this space of experience. Feel see or sense a further opening, or perhaps a feeling of aligning within the space more. Feel yourself move deeper into your experience.
  6. Release your fingers and move your hands outwards. Feel see or sense a parting of veils, and find yourself aligned deeper within the Diamond vibration.
  7. Open your awareness within the space, see sense or feel the light growing, an illumination opening up around you.
  8. Bring your sound, ENTAH within the space of light, feel yourself being received deeper within the essence of the light.
  9. Take a Conscious breath within the light, feel yourself being aligned deeper within the light. Open your awareness into the space you see, sense or feel. Let go.
  10. Slowly bring both hands to rest on your full physical chest area, as you do the light is drawn into your chest, into your Heart. Feel see or sense how the energy of the Diamond flows into your Heart. The expanded light from the Diamond energy is anchoring, opening into your Heart.
  1. Within this expanded Diamond light is your unique signature of light. Bring your sound, ALTAR NAE (pronounced altar nay) within the Diamond energy you see, sense or feel. As many sounds as you need, feel see or sense the essence of your sacred fluid light expanding within your Heart’s chamber.

Within your process know that you are not alone. You each have a team supporting your process of awakening. Call in the help, knowing that we cannot assist you without your permission.

You are being witness, acknowledged in your courage and deeply held and loved.


The Pleiadians