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Christine’s Message July 2021

Hello,  I have been imprinted by the powerful essence of the Covenant, which anchored on Earth late last month. The energy of the Galactic Receiving Station on our land has been shifting dimensionally, expanding its capacity and we are being called to spend time entering these higher connections within the Portals and Gateway.

The energies here have propelled me into an alternate reality setting and I find myself in a vast, endless space of ‘not knowing’. The guidance is to be still, to take one moment at a time and breathe during this powerful transitioning timeframe. Trust the unfolding, continue to trust and let go! I know we have all heard this so many times and it seems to be an endless time of unravelling.

The Ego mind wants to know when the next doorway will open to reveal the next step. This is a time of letting go and choosing to develop the reconnection within our Heart space, to choose reconnection to the sacred of ourselves.

This is a destiny moment for all of us here on the planet, a time for each one of us to allow a consciousness shift within. This pure vibrational force of light, which is arising from the Covenant is highlighting and magnifying the illusion, as it is unearthed through the planet.

Anything that is not Truth is being revealed at this juncture.

The imprints transmitted by the Covenant are giving each one of us the potential to utilize empowered moments through realignment to our creation essence within the Heart structure. This is the time to stay focused on you realigning through your Heart, to come home to your Heart.

The Pleiadians are reminding us – through illusion time appears to be moving so slowly and nothing is happening. In Truth, we have so little time to prepare and so much is unfolding energetically within each one of us in each moment.

Shift your perceptions and don’t allow the Ego mind’s misperceptions get in the way of your focused intentions of unfolding within your multidimensional Heart. We are not alone, open into the state of reconnection and you can call for support daily.

The comfort at this time is that we, as a collective group are unfolding and through our individual aspects of God consciousness we can align and interact as One within our Hearts.

I send love and blessings out to each one of you.