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Pleiadian June 2021 Message

Beloved ones we greet you, Your Planet is about to enter a next phase of its transition. This era ahead of you is a time of Grace, which has been bestowed to all of your communities throughout Earth. A sacred covenant is to be activated. This is a destiny design to create a realignment so you as an individual can receive the unveiling of the sacred Truths of your multidimensional heritage. Simultaneously creating a powerful transmutation within Earth that will open an accelerated transition throughout the planet.


Behold the light currently radiating throughout your planet. The light heralds in an upcoming birth of a new energetic structure, in the form of a Mandala, that is to carry the essence of a higher order of light designed to completely transform the vibrational flow and makeup of Earth. These higher flows of energy will arise from this structure, like waves on an ocean they   infiltrate all corners of your planet. 


These fluid waves are destined to carry a creation energy, activating a powerful redesign within your energetic field and physical systems. This creation energy will initially interact within your energetic field. This flow will create a higher more expansive electrical force field pattern within your energetic field. These shifts within your energetic field will set in motion a metamorphic process within all of your body systems including the crystalline structure that exists currently within your physical body. Your crystalline structure that exists within the space between the cells of your body will then hold the mirrored spectrum of this creation element.


This creation energy will then be able to be absorbed directly within your cellular membrane shifting the entire structure of each cell. This higher energy flow is designed to activate a multidimensional energetic fluidity within the cells, shifting all density from your cellular makeup. All of your body systems ultimately will be electrically transformed. 


Through this transformation within your cells these waves of creation light will set a realignment to your higher consciousness state. You will be drawn into a new evolutionary cycle of Self, enabling you to enter your higher order of light. Through this reconnection you will re-enter an aspect of the God consciousness state within the Universe and take your place on a very different multidimensional level like never before. 


This pure structured Mandala is about to anchor on Earth, and is made up from a series of multidimensional forms containing vast proportions of light. Every component of this living frequency holds a series of unique vibrational places, like tiny buds of concentrated lifeforce. The Mandala holds these Buds, each one representing the unique frequency of every human being’s consciousness living on Earth. 


These Buds carry a brilliant vibrancy, what is referred to as the Diamond energy. This frequency within the Bud holds a pure, endlessly expansive creation light. Your unique Bud awaits you. Each time you choose to enter and engage through your Heart you will begin to interact with this higher living vibration of your Buds consciousness creation element. Like an umbilical cord you will be attached to your Bud within the Mandala. As the Bud is connected through your Heart there is a steady transmission of your higher consciousness light force realigning through your telepathic communion center of your Brain. You will unfold, rebirth yourself within the pure essence of light within your Bud.


The Mandala’s structure will unfold as each Bud is individually activated and aligned through each individual’s Heart and telepathic center. The Mandala will carry a higher frequency of aliveness and brilliance as more and more Buds become switched on. Within every moment of your conscious activation these waves of sacred light will build and expand across your earth plane, fortifying the Mandala Grid further throughout Earth. 


This Mandala can be likened to an enormous energetic consciousness Grid that will transmute the earth’s frequency. The magnetic core within the earth is destined to carry a new component of vibrational light, which will create a higher more stable frequency light balance across the earth plane. This design will expand the Earth’s resonance enabling a more complete alignment with the rest of this Universe. This higher alignment is essential because it allows Earth to enter a multidimensional energetic rotation that exists for most communities within this resident Universe. This rotation moves Earth within an expanded framework of Truth, holding pure alignments to the ‘God seat of Power’ that resides over a series of Universes. 


Planet earth will be launched into a vast, limitless landscape of light consciousness through the balance of the Mandala and this will allow a further transitioning process to unfurl within the consciousness of planet earth. This entire process is designed for humanity to regain the authenticity of itself, which is beyond the illusion. Each one of you has the purpose and mission within your Hearts to realign back to your authentic Higher Self. This is the result of the action of you rebirthing you! 


So many of you are ready for this next phase of unfolding. You have worked tirelessly to be prepared for this higher step of reconnection. This phase is about to begin at the end of this calendar month. This is a sacred happening of destiny in action for the entire planet. The wheel turns and the design will be made manifest on earth.


We are giving you a process to support your conscious unfolding and alignment to this sacred Mandala structure. What is essential is you utilize the Conscious breath as you move into the process. Remember this is a breath taken in the mouth and out the mouth that bypasses the Ego mind. This breath says, “Yes, I am willing to let go, and Yes, I am willing to receive my light.” This breath does not replace the normal breathing cycle.


As you consciously choose to commence this process there is a membrane, like a cocoon of light, which begins to descend around you. This membrane supports your rebirth and allows you to integrate with ease as you make your reconnections.






  1. Create your hand position: both thumbs together and then both index fingers together. You almost make a diamond like shape window with your two thumbs joined and your two index fingers joined.
  2. Bring your awareness within the diamond shape window and place a Conscious breath, like a soft wind within the window. Open up your awareness within the space of the window that you see, sense or feel.
  3. Place the sound, AHNAE EEE… (pronounced AR NAY EEE..) within the opening. Feel, see, or sense how you are received, recognized by your sound within the space. 
  4. Open your awareness within the space and place a Conscious breath there. Feel yourself move deeper into your experience.
  5. Now move your full hand position against your physical chest. Feel, see, or sense how the energy within the Diamond opening window seems to flow into your Heart. It’s as though the Diamond energy of the window is anchoring, opening into your Heart.
  6. Bring your sound right into the space of your Heart, the Diamond energy of the window, into the full expression of the space. Bring three sounds, AHNAE EEE…

You are beginning to align to your unique Bud essence within the Mandala.

  1. Continue to utilize the sound, AHNAE EEE… until you see, sense, or feel the umbilical cord anchor between your Bud within the Mandala and your Heart. 
  2. Utilize the Conscious breath and bring it into the umbilical cord that you see, sense or feel to build this connection.
  3. Know that your Bud will bring a constant transmission through to you.
  4. Once you feel, see or sense the alignment to the umbilical cord from your Bud to your Heart complete for release your hand position. 


Know that you can work with this process as often as it feels right for you. Each time you complete this process your umbilical cord will carry a higher transfer of creation light to you from your Bud accelerating your awakening process.


We hold the energetic space of light around Earth at this very sacred juncture. You are each being held by the light, supported by the light.



The Pleiadians