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Christine’s Message June 2021

Hello, This last month of May has been increasingly intense and I only realized the other day that I am in a deep state of expectancy. I have been getting a strong feeling, that is building day by day, of something about to happen, of great changes coming into my life.


The guidance is:  take one step at a time, being present moment by moment. To continue going on in my life as before, not looking backward, sideways or forward. To be focused on what is right in front of me and to continue letting go. 


I do know that Alisa and I have completed an important phase of creating the Galactic Receiving Station on our land and we have been ‘shown’ that a new phase is about to begin. Not knowing what is about to unfold. I am trusting and continuing to let go.


I know that there is so much going on within the 3rd dimensional drama all around us, and I wish to remind you that none of us is alone on our journey. Through choosing to connect to your Heart you can open into a vast space of connection and to a lifeline of support. Your Heart  is your tool which aligns you to the cosmic network of light for creating and manifesting what you need at this juncture.


We are each being held within a sacred framework, you can access the direct experience of this holding, this support only through developing your Heart connection. 


This is a sacred time and I know for the human Ego mind there is a lot of confusion and seeming chaos within your lives. Remember the misperception of the Ego mind has many stories based on illusion, your Heart aligns you to Truth, peace and clarity.


Holding each one of you within this Platform of Truth.


Love and blessings,