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Pleiadian May 2021 Message

Beloved ones we greet you, You are being repositioned, moved into a higher space of potential expression of Self as an expanded vibrational wave of light energy has moved within the arena of Earth. These frequency expansions on Earth are creating a sacred synergy with the rest of your resident Universe. Your planet is being realigned to the vast vibrational flow with the consciousness of the Universe. This flow is carrying the sacred current of communion of God consciousness. You are being enfolded and realigned back to the alliance of your sacred origin, which has always been an active anchored aspect within the design of your Heart. 

This is the time for a resurrection of the understanding, knowing and knowledge of the sacred that exists within you as well as the vast sacred connections you hold within your Heart. You are a unique frequency of God consciousness and this aspect of you has largely lain dormant until this timeframe. This is a marked time of destiny for the resurgence of your light to be self-realized now.

Fundamentally you are a sacred being and it is at this juncture on Earth all is waiting to be unearthed within. This resurgence within you is to arise within your collective Hearts. This is a reunion, which begins to build in momentum between those of you who are awakened, shifting the energetic dynamic on Earth. This collective vibrational flow will build, gradually penetrating outwards, impacting all humanity.

You do not need to focus on the masses or the drama playing out on your earth plane. The plan is for you to simply open into moments of conscious connection within the vastness of your own Heart. This is the path, which is laid out before you, the pathway Home through your Heart where illusion has never existed.

A flame has been lit within your planet, as this wave of light energy births and flows within your earth plane this flame ignites within every Heart cell. As you consciously choose to simply witness the illusion of this world and claim the vastness of your multidimensional Heart a deeper understanding of your world begins to open up to you in clear focus.

This higher vibrancy of light from the flame is reflected through the rays of the Sun. As the Sun rises each day its rays reflect the brilliance of your own higher light. The Sun is a mirror to the true brilliance of who you are on a multidimensional level. When you choose to witness the moment of the Sun rising above the horizon, the rays of the Sun can penetrate through to you, embodying your Heart cells. Each cell is imprinted by the essence of the pure flame held within these rays.

Each time you witness the rising Sun these series of imprints from the flame expand the Heart cells multidimensional functioning. It’s as though each cell is awakening to its full potential.

Your heart returns to its original role of a natural multidimensional tool.  Reopening to its natural function of holding the pure force of focused love, light, truth, knowing and knowledge.

These higher components of consciousness contained in the flame, within the rays of the Sun are designed to support you in your next phase of awakening. They are designed to bring you into a next step of self-resurrection of your higher knowing. This process is a returning, a natural process of moving from the illusion of the Ego mind back to the space of peace and clarity of your Heart. Only you can choose the way of your Heart by moving back to the pathway beyond the illusion of your human Ego mind and return to your natural state of Being.

This higher essence of light has been building since New Year and carries the vibration of the era of the Aquarius Age. Regardless of the illusion of all the drama being currently played out on your Earth, the pure force of truth is unfolding on your planet. As the Sun rises each day, the light of Truth shines across your earth plane creating illumination.

Through this powerful process, which has been set in motion a new arena is being reflected and opened for those of you who are ready. A profound higher ‘letting go’ energy has been released throughout your communities to support you in navigating your way past the illusion of the Ego mind, to support you in shedding the belief systems, the feelings of fear, guilt and shame which has been perpetuating the old cycles of self-sabotage within your life. This expansion of the ‘letting go’ energy is designed to create a shedding of the old to support you in moving beyond the misperception of the Ego mind, enabling you to make the transition from operating solely from the mind and aligning more completely to your Heart’s truth.

Through your Heart connection you can utilize transformative energy to shed further the old shells, which have been encasing you, preventing you from experiencing abundance in your life.

You have each come to this planet for self-resurrection, this is an essential aspect of your mission leading you towards your enlightenment.  The platform of your humanity, your Ego mind, has placed you in a prison for lifetimes, breaking down your ability to fully experience joy, preventing you from fully engaging within the unlimited elements of your multidimensional expression. Through choosing to change your reactions to the illusionary aspects perpetrated by your Ego mind you set in motion a new wave of liberation for yourself.

Old shells of persona can begin to crumble, moving you into a higher expression and experience of your fuller potential of Self. This is the time for adventure of your spirit, to take alternate paths to unfold into your destiny and allowing the wheel to turn.

There is a process that will support you in engaging within these higher elements of light within the rays of the Sun. Sunrise is the most potent time to engage with the Sun’s rays, however anytime during the day will greatly benefit you. This action by you to meet the Sun with your awareness is you choosing to rebirth consciously by utilize this higher, ‘letting go’ energy held within the essence of the Sun.

PROCESS: Transforming with the Sun’s rays.

  1.  Place both palms of your hands on your full chest area (your full chest area is your Heart space. Your Heart space goes beyond the physical body out into your energetic field).
  2. Bring your awareness to where your hands are connecting to your Heart. Feel, see or sense the physical pressure of your hands, or warmth of your hands on your chest.
  3. Take a Conscious breath, place it like a soft wind into where your hands are physically connecting to your Heart space (the Conscious breath is a breath taken in the mouth and then released out of the mouth).
  4. As you place your breath, feel see or sense the space opening up, allow your awareness to open further within the space. Take another Conscious breath where you find yourself and let go. Continue to open your awareness and utilize the Conscious breath until you see, sense or feel the Heart space is ready to receive the essence of the Sun’s rays.
  5. Open up to the light of the Sun by bringing your awareness towards the Sun. As you do this place the sound, EENAH LEANE (pronounced ee nah lee arn) towards the Sun.
  6. Now place this sound, EENAH LEANE within your Heart cells. Continue to move back and forward between the Sun and your Heart cells utilizing this sound until you see, sense or feel a pathway birthing between the Sun and your Heart.
  7. Utilize the Conscious breath within the building pathway.

Note: Remember your Heart is a multidimensional space, so as you build this connection the space of your Heart may feel peaceful, warm, huge, fluid, and/or light. What is essential is to be within the experience of what is presenting within your Heart. Simply let go and allow the vastness of the expression of your Heart. Your experience may be subtle or intense. Each time you work within this process you unfold further.

Take moments during the day to place a hand on your Heart space and take a Conscious breath. This will continue the realignment of the flame’s frequency to transform and reawaken your Heart.

Know that you are not alone, we the Pleiadians work as part of a Universal team to support all humanity on Earth. You can call our energy forward at any time for support. We honor your free will and will not come to you without your permission.

We honor your journey and salute your courage as you take one more step forward to completion of your path.


The Pleiadians