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Christine’s Message May 2021

Hello,  What a beautiful time of year for all of us who are in the Northern Hemisphere! The witnessing of new life as spring unfolds and simultaneously I experience an unfolding within. This is truly a time of letting go and of allowing our selves to be realigned to the multidimensional purpose of our missions.

I have been shown how I have just completed another phase of my work here on the planet and I am to be ready to be launched into a higher phase of my awakening. My focus is to simply let go, not trying to work out what is coming, just to be present in each moment and receive all that is unfolding in front of me.

I witness the gifts that are created in each day for me to continue in my learning process of being human, and at the same time I am aware of the vast connections within my Heart.

I am incredibly grateful for the powerful energies of the Galactic Receiving Station on our land and I am constantly aware of the pure influence these energies are having throughout the earth plane. The Pleiadians are always near, supporting me by bringing their love and giving me further understanding and clarity of our collective unfolding process here on Earth.

I do know we are all in the midst of a vast transformation and transmutation process. The call as usual is to let go, like never before, as we are being energetically assisted, transferred into a higher awareness moved beyond the fluid veils of illusion towards Truth.

We are each being called forward to move into a level of conscious transformation through anchoring our focus within our Heart at certain moments during the day. Know how powerful this action is, how it creates an enormous impact throughout the planet. Spend a moment within your Heart to consciously move yourself, to transition beyond the illusion.

We are being called to utilize the support systems that are here by pre agreement, through the active engagement within our Heart.  This is the time for our individual focus to be placed within our multidimensional perspective of Truth within our Heart. To reach within our Heart brings us into a wave of alignment to each moment of the day by actively choosing to open into what is in front of us.

We are each being asked to shift towards our potential to create, to set in motion a wave of change by doing things differently on a daily basis. Let go of the old stories, enough of the illusion. We have entered a new phase within the Aquarian Age. Living differently, to live in peace within ourselves, while the illusion, the drama continues to rage throughout the planet. You can choose differently, you can choose to return to your Heart space of light and peace.

This is a time of celebration, a glorious time of returning to a place of self-empowerment. Individually and collectively we make the difference on planet earth. We are to bring a restoration of balance to Earth through a conscious choice of moving away from the Ego mind and building the anchor to our multidimensional Hearts.

I send love and blessings out to each one of you.