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Pleiadian Message January 2021

Beloved ones we greet you,  The wheel turns as Earth is moved into a higher multidimensional Framework as you enter the Age of Aquarius. At the time of the Great Conjunction Earth entered this new era of the Aquarius Age. Your planet has entered the next phase of awakening. This is the time for your Hearts to open to a higher vibrational light, like a flower opening to the expanded frequencies of the Sun particles of God light.

You carry the natural design within you to live as ‘Warriors of the Heart’. You are now enabled to open through a sacred communion to all humanity through a pathway of joined collective Hearts. The action of ‘Heart communion’ between you will transform your communities on Earth. This is how you will achieve a stabilization into ‘knowingness of Truth’ and live this Truth through your Heart on a daily basis.

This higher vibrational light, which now inhabits Earth shifts you from your Ego mind based living and moves you into the way of the Heart. This is how humanity will transform and become more focused and anchored, aligned to the multidimensional doorway of the Heart energy of Truth. This is action in motion of the next phase.

At this time energetic Pathways within the universe are flowing, interconnecting within Earth. The outworn patterns and cycles of limitation have fractured, changing forever the limited cycles of illusion and re- establishing the element of creation across the planet.

This is the time for you to choose differently, because you can. You are to move beyond your old patterns of holding onto fear, worry, struggle and suffering. As you are collectively joined by an invisible thread of God consciousness within your Hearts you are able to open into a state receivership for yourself through connecting to your Heart. You are destined to stay on course simply by holding a steady ongoing commitment to yourselves. This is achieved through choosing to journey within your Heart in moments and to allow a natural unravelling to take place within you as you re-align to Home.

In a single space of time a sacred multidimensional wave of light will be released across the planet. This is destiny for Earth, what we refer to as the Homecoming wave, which is to be released from the sacred realms of our universe to your earth plane.

At this juncture a collective frequency channel will be established, to enable each one of you to individually align to this higher aspect of yourself through your telepathic center. This Homecoming wave will allow you to join in a united wave of consciousness within the collective God consciousness light. As you unfold your telepathic centers are once again activated.

THE CONSCIOUS BREATH is much more potent and powerful than ever before. With this newly birthed framework within the planet you are able to claim receivership on different levels than ever before. The Conscious breath is now designed to activate an evolutionary flow and reconnection within you, by setting in motion a more potent level of letting go within.

You can revolutionize your life through your Conscious breath. Claim the moments with your awareness as expanded energetic profile imprints open through your Heart as you utilize the Conscious breath. Trust and allow this unfolding to happen, a rebirth…. Let go as you are received through the action of your Conscious breath. By the action of a conscious letting go within yourself, you choose more of yourself by emerging deeper within your Heart.

You hold an inner power within your Heart. Collectively, as human beings, you are to embark on entering a new way, creating a higher pathway of collective power on Earth between your Hearts. Together as a ‘community of Hearts’ you can forge a deepening of this sacred light within Earth and hold it steady. This is an aspect of your mission. The joining of your Hearts creates a communion of the sacred rebalancing of Earth. You, as humans must be the ones to create this orchestrated process. This is part of the unfolding of you collective mission and part of your destiny and the destiny of Earth.

Your entire Heart’s chamber has undergone reconstruction. You have been shifted dimensionally to enter another order of light. You can draw from the higher knowledge and divine inner knowing of your sacred. The vast multidimensional tools that are now active within your Heart carry the natural extension to your sacred makeup.  

The limited perception of who you think you are will shift during the happening of reconnection. Your light is destined to bring revelations to you from the depth of your multidimensional Heart. You enter an altered environment of yourself.

Remember you were always meant to continue to live and have your human experience within the framework of your physical body while re-aligning into your multidimensional purpose of fluid light within the Heart.  Now is the time.

We witness you. We bless you as you receive your Self.


the Pleiadians