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Christine’s Message January 2021

Hi,  Happy New Year! We have undergone an incredible metamorphic recalibration in the month of December, which has lead us into transformational re-openings as we entered the New Year.

The Grand Conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter created and heralded in a next phase of passage for all of us on Earth. Awakening a higher more expanded multidimensional Framework of light consciousness to anchor on the planet. This ‘framework’ has impacted our Hearts as it interacted and brought forth the sacred vibrations of love to each one of us from a higher realm level of Self.

The action of these frequencies of higher elements of love opens you to the potential for Truth, power and knowing that we each hold within our Hearts. This is your time to emerge beyond the illusion of limitation within your day-to-day living and access your multidimensional heritage.

I wish to acknowledge each one of us who have been working steadily on our individual paths for decades now. We have been uniquely instrumental in holding and creating a steady platform from within our hearts to enable this next step of awakening to become manifest on Earth.

The Grand Conjunction set in motion an entire shift within the planet and within each one of us. This happening has reconfigured Earth energetically and has launched each of us onto a higher more fluid path. Nothing will be quite the same because we have shifted within a very different paradigm. We are all operating from an altered arena of consciousness as this powerful conjunction placed us on a diverse distinct multidimensional pathway to Home.

I was totally remade at the moment of the Grand Conjunction, propelled into another space of conscious light.

At the time of New Year I was repositioned energetically on yet another level and had a series of profound experiences. In the night I was taken through a gateway of light within the collective consciousness of Universal God light. A huge pathway was revealed and opened for me to transition within a higher space of consciousness. As I was drawn within this space I was greeted of the Collective energy of the Universe. Here I experienced a profound sacred stillness, a reconnection to the Oneness.

Simultaneously I became aware of a series of electrical imprints from this higher realm aspect from within the Universal consciousness anchoring through my physical Heart. This process of returning lasted the entire night and by morning I was in a profound state of communion. My sense is that this process I went through was to launch me another alignment to the frequencies associated with the Age of Aquarius.

As we journey through this different time, I know we need to let go on a completely different level than ever before. The good news is that we can achieve this now within the higher energetic environment in which we find ourselves.

I look forward to the adventures that are before us and hold a loving platform for humanity as we take our next steps forward.

Love and blessings,