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Christine’s Message December 2020

Hello,  How wonderful to connect to you at this most powerful and transformative juncture of our transition. I feel so excited as we enter this month of December, which I know is going to herald in an amazing next phase of our awakening potential.

I am witnessing a higher frequency of light birthing, flowing out across the planet in this past week. Doorways of expanded light and consciousness have been opening up through the sky early morning and at sunset each day. This vibration of light heralds in the great changes that are coming to Earth and to us individually this month

I have been undergoing an entire vibrational shift within my consciousness, opening into higher revelations of Truth, knowing and knowledge. A brilliant frequency, a quickening has enveloped me, as though I am being held, embraced within the heavenly light of God.

I have been aware of a pure force of light from Uluru anchoring within me, I am being launched into a higher terrain of reconnection to my Pleiadian tribe. Every cell in my body is awake on another level, almost as though I am being relinked to the lifeforce of the Universe and becoming more vibrant and alive.

The Pleiadians and Galactic community have been expanding the Portals and Gateway on our land in readiness for this big event.

You are part of the upcoming change. We as human beings will carry the torch of transformation within the cells of our Hearts. As part of our destiny we are to implement these reconnections that will become manifest within our Hearts. Then we are designed to bring, this light outwards from our Hearts, transmitting throughout the planet and to humanity. We are the only ones that can consciously create a higher balance of light on Earth by this conscious action.

Collectively we set in motion an expanded wave of light consciousness. Continue to let go and be dedicated to building connection within your own Heart.

Love and blessings,