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Christine’s Message November 2020

Hello,  I have been witnessing so much change taking place within the heavenly realms this month. This pure frequency is descending on Earth, interweaving within the Network of light grid that continues to unfold. I want to remind you of the need to let go right now, to let go into the ‘not knowing’, taking comfort within your Heart space.

There are so many higher openings being constructed on the planet in readiness for the profound transforming energies, which will be made available to us in late December.

We, each on of us need to be consciously choosing moments to expand our Heart connections. I do know that the October Zoom class was incredibly designed by the Pleiadians to launch each one of us on an expanded path within our Heart chamber in readiness for the higher light expansion that is coming.

As the drama intensifies on our planet each one of us is being called forward to resurrect ourselves within our Heart. There is nothing more essential than to seek your self-empowerment through conscious realignment within the Heart.

We are collectively intended at this juncture to reopen the telepathic communion centers in the Brain to forge sacred alliances to support an anchoring of a light web of Truth on Earth.

As you align deeper within your Heart there is an awakening that opens up a higher essence of Light vibration, reestablishing itself within your telepathic center. Our unique frequency emerges from our telepathic centers and is designed to combine, creating a powerful stabilization within the web of light, which is currently birthing on Earth.

Our Heart’s design is to work in alliance with the pure vibrational pulse within the magnetic core of the planet. This is a time of complete letting go to enable a higher vibrational level of your light to anchor within you.

Together we can anchor the light of Truth on our planet!

Love and blessings,