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Pleiadian Message April 2023 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


Beyond the veils within this resident Universe exist the pure frequencies of multidimensional forms of love that are embodied by the God Seat of Power. Within these sacred spaces Blueprints of past present and future all exist in one united frequency.


Now is the time for you to open and access a deepening understanding of parallel realities. Yes, it (this) is essential for you to begin to understand the dynamics that exist within these parallel realities. There are an unending series of Blueprints all merging, co creating together, forming one synergy. These synergies are all forming and continually creating foundations of Truth within the alternate reality spaces. Higher aspects of your consciousness are presently playing out unique roles within these sacred spaces. These Higher Self parts of you are simultaneously interacting through your sacred heart space to support your current transitional transmutation process that is activating within your energetic systems. You are a unique and essential part of this multidimensional universal system of love.


The winds of change arise from these systems and move across your earth plane, every moment creating an ongoing shifting tide of light within Earth. These flows are transmitting pure streams of light directly within the energetic webbing that is encompassing Earth. This pure vibrancy of light is being directly aligned through the Magnetic core of the planet. These multidimensional flows carry powerful vibrations of love that have their origin from the God Seat of Power.


This brilliant consciousness of love is creating a natural expansion within the pulse of the Core. The ‘pulse’ is radiating out from the inner core across the earth plane acting as a heartbeat. The pulse is interacting directly within all the sacred sites on the planet, shifting the integrity of the sites back to their original pristine imprint.


This flow is simultaneously entering the Hearts of all human beings that are ready to receive this pure transmission of love, which activates a dormant transmitter within each heart cell. Like a pure fusion taking place within the cells, igniting the flame within every cell in the body, setting in motion a further transmutation process within the entire body.


These filaments generated by the flames are designed to specifically awaken you into a remembering to realign you back into a state of consciousness that goes beyond the third dimensional illusion. Enabling you to self-launch back into another consciousness realm where you have always existed. This is where your Higher Self awaits reconnection with the active aspect of your consciousness now.


This force of love that is flowing onto the planet brings about a pure healing frequency into the Hearts of mankind to allow a new form of sacred forging to reopen the sacred Heart. Your sacred Heart is multidimensional, and this vibration/pulse is designed to allow a higher potential to be realized within you, to be reinstated within those of you who are on the awakened path.


You are being enabled to realign to your original meeting point of your Higher Self within these alternate reality states. So that your crystalline structure that is within your Heart, Lungs, Thyroid, Sacrum, Spinal fluid, Brain synapse, Brain Cells and Pineal will begin to be fully illuminated, be switched ON. Your crystalline structure enables you to fully embody the essence of your higher-self light. Part of your destiny in this lifetime is for you to fully embody your higher light within your physical body. This happening is pre-destined to occur within the frequency timeline of this incarnation.


Your crystalline structure is a multidimensional form that is housed in the spaces between the cells of your body and is designed to support you to regain the natural realignments of your sacred nature. You are now poised at the tipping point of great metamorphic change. You can consciously choose to receive these sacred flows which will set in motion the illumination of your crystalline structure. Like turning on a light switch, all the wiring within the crystalline structure is ready to be turned on, self-realized now.


Your Heart is the most powerful of all tools that aligns you to an unlimited access to clarity, abundance and is your guiding light, your compass. Open to receive the vastness of your abundant potential through the tool of your Heart. Reach forward with your awareness within your Heart space and realign to the magic of the shift within the elementals of your life in this moment.


The words, ‘I AM’ recreate the natural realignments to your Heart. These words, ‘I AM’, speak the truth of your natural heritage of ownership of your sacred Heart and the words act as a key opening the door, giving you re-access to your Heart. Choose to activate and take ownership of your Heart, your sacred tool.


The entire Universal contingent are holding the energetic platforms in place for you to take the leap and allow these next steps of awakening to happen within you. There is no new formula for change. Letting go and entering a new arena of yourself takes only a moment in time. Choosing to enter the realms of reality that exist beyond the illusion here on Earth, like parting a veil and entering a higher time continuum. Like walking from one room into another.




  1. Hold your Heart, (upper chest) with both palms physically connecting to your physical body. Bring your awareness to where you feel the warmth, pressure of your hands on your body and take a conscious breath like a soft wind within your Heart. Take another breath and let go.
  2. Feel see or sense the space of your Heart. Open your awareness further, take another conscious breath and let go.
  3. Place the words, I AM, within the space that you see sense or feel. Your heart cells respond, whether you see sense or feel this, it may be subtle or strong.
  4. Place the words again, I AM… open your awareness further into the response. Claim your heart space allow your awareness to fill the space that you see sense or feel. Repeat this again at least 3 more times.
  5. You are going to align to the flow of light by bringing in the sacred sound, ARNNN… ARNNN… ARNNN… directly within your Heart space… feel see or sense the opening of the light, the flow coming in.
  6. Move your hands, slowly gently away from your physical chest and feel see or sense a veil lifting away from the Heart. Move into the doorway that you see sense or feel.
  7. Place your awareness within the space, bring your sound, ARNNNN…. Into the space, see sense or feel the flowing light…. Open your awareness into the vastness that you see sense or feel and let go within the space. Letting go..
  8. Anchor your words, ‘I AM’…. Do this three times.
  9. Slowly gently bring your hands back to your physical chest, move your awareness within the physical connection. Take a conscious breath and let go into your Heart.


Work with this above process daily. Each time allow yourself to open your awareness and choose to let go…


We, the Pleiadians will support you in this unfolding process if you call us forward and give us permission to work with you during this process. Our role is to hold a steady energetic platform for you to launch yourselves. We will not enter your energetic field or body; we will simply hold the space for you to self-launch.


We honor your free will journey and salute your courage as you move to the next step.


We witness you in love.


The Pleiadians