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Pleiadian May 2022 Message

Beloved Ones we greet you,


There is a gathering momentum of brilliance building around your Earth. From across the entire Universal multidimensional plane, we get to witness a series of transforming light patterns emanating outwards from your planet, like a heartbeat. This pulsing is arising from within the magnetic core of your Earth, and this pulse carries a potent frequency aligning your planet to the natural communion frequency that exists throughout our resident Universe. Earth is returning to the whole, to the sacred communion community which has always existed within our Universe.


The entire Universal community is witnessing this energetic event. This is the sign that we have been waiting for Earth to accomplish a certain level of energetic resonance, and you, those of you on the path have been instrumental in this happening. Through your collective Hearts, the mirroring of what has been rebirthing within you has created a changing of your consciousness, which has been made manifest at this juncture.


This shift in the Earth’s vibrational gateway allows us, those of us from the Galactic community to begin a more complete method of communication to you. And in turn, also from you to us. This is an essential next step in the plan for you. Through the initiation of the deepening connection to (with) us you fulfill aspects of your destiny of awakening that sets in motion the self-realization of a next step of the ‘New Dawning’ prophecies. We are neighbors with all beings from Earth, and this is the time for the fulfillment of another level of a conscious collective connection with those of you who are ready.


The Stargate’s vibrational light doorway has opened further to support these prophecies and is currently shedding its light across the planet by accelerating its transmission outwards. There is a new formation opening through this transmission, what we call a constellation of divine light flooding across your planet. This Constellation is interacting within the Magnetic core of earth creating an acceleration of further unveiling of alternate reality states. Creating an increase of ‘returning moments’, which is designed to transform your Heart’s structure by creating a higher framework frequency that allows the Stargate’s transmission of communion to flow within you.


The Stargate frequencies are here to support the transmutation of your consciousness. To enable you to open within the vast makeup of love which is essentially your true nature. To move you beyond the mundane illusion and allow love to flow freely within your life. These higher vibrational flows within you are going to allow a natural forging within the Galactic and Universal community. Your systems are ready to handle the expansive communion frequencies which are an aspect of communication. Your telepathic center within your brain is operating through a higher network each time you are being realigned within the ‘returning moments’.


What is essential is that through your Heart’s desire you choose to return to your Galactic roots, to your Family of Origin off planet. For you to choose to align to this sacred designed destiny mission of working within the Galactic community for the ultimate fulfillment of humanity on Earth.


The hand of the Divine is leading the way. Stay focused on releasing all old energies that no longer serve you. You are being called to spend moments in stillness to align within your Heart and allow an alignment of transformation to be set in motion within your systems. Remember this time is about you consciously choosing to change, letting go and moving within the new rhythm of these higher frequencies. To begin a transmutation process within your experience, transmuting fear into love. When fear arises within you this is simply a call for love to be made manifest in that moment. You hold the keys within your Heart to unlock the wisdom, the knowledge, which is designed to create a deepening understanding of your full place that exists within this changing sacred arena.


This is the sacred design of destiny for you to open into another level of receivership of your full power of Self. For you, the focus must be on yourself, you are your Heart. To begin to glimpse the vast arena of your power from within, to choose on behalf of yourself. These changes that are operating within your Heart cell structures are unfolding a platform to springboard your consciousness to bring about a monumental change in the way that you can actively exist in the world and within the Universe. Shift the perspective of your awareness of home, from global to Universal. Through your realignment to simple moments of beauty, of Truth a new pathway of Being can make itself known to you.


At this juncture be aware of the opportunities that are all around you by allowing moments of stillness in your day, this way you will be able to truly utilize all the gifts surrounding you. Within the stillness open into a space of gratitude for this sacred divine time that is opening outwards, like a petal of a flower opening to the Sun. More is being revealed to you as you choose to open your awareness. Be like the flower, the petal receiving, taking into yourself the day-to-day sacred moments that contain the light, like the rays of the Sun. Within the simplicity of the moment, you reach with your awareness to be fed by the multidimensional light that has always exists, that still awaits you now.


Each one of you are a unique collective part of the sacred consciousness pattern, which is opening between every Heart. Your Hearts have undergone a metamorphic process through the transmissions of light that have been coming from the magnetic core of your Earth. You are now holding a new electrical frequency within your Heart cells and the Stargate transmissions are continuing to reawaken a multidimensional light structure within you.


These electrical shifts are designed to support you in the launching of yourself during this recent transitional opening. This is what we have been referring to as ‘returning moments’, which are a collective action, a series of alternate reality spaces opening simultaneously to enable you to re-enter higher spaces of consciousness. During this reveal of the ‘returning moments’ your Ego mind becomes disconnected, which allows you to open within an altered reality experience with no interference from the misperceptions of the Ego mind. This process is naturally unfolding whether your Ego mind is aware of this or not.


These moments of unveiling within the multidimensional networks of the alternate reality spaces are being revealed throughout your planet for you to be launched within the next phase of your transmutation process. There is a higher resonance opening through your Heart structure and this resonance is steadily mirroring these higher consciousness frequencies across the planet. Each conscious Heart is forming natural re-alliances with the sacred Sun. This is the perfect design to allow your ongoing transmutation and the Earth’s continued expansion. Your Heart and the sacred Sun are now interacting with the Magnetic core of the Earth.


Your Heart is a multidimensional tool, the doorway to your power. Your Heart is destined to play a significant role in the unfolding destiny of Earth. Every human Heart holds a magnificent potential, a unique light, and your collective light patterns form a sacred synergy for the ultimate transformation of Earth’s consciousness. This is the plan, which is unfolding.


Do not be dismayed by the playout of drama within your planet, the 3rd dimensional illusion is strong, the drama will continue to build in momentum. Witness what is taking place however do not engage energetically within the human drama. This drama is inconsequential to the inevitable outcome of success on your planet.


Choose to let go and simply be a witness for this time of great drama. Expect the unexpected and stay steadily connected to Truth within your Heart. Create building blocks within your Heart, allow the vastness of your own power to be your guiding light. Let go and choose to Trust! You can depend on that which is within your Heart, be still within your Heart.





1.Place both palms on your upper chest, Heart space. Utilize the Conscious breath, bring your awareness to the warmth or pressure of your hands on your chest, take a breath in and out of the mouth, placing this breath like a soft wind into your Heart space. Align.


Note: Take your time to open, anchor within your heart before utilizing the sacred sound.


2. Place the sacred sound, QAHNNTEH (pronounced: qwarn tay) Bring the sounds into your Heart space. Take a Conscious  breath into your Heart space that you see sense or feel. Open your awareness within the space, take another Conscious breath and let go.


Utilize this process within your Heart until you see sense or feel the Heart begin to open in some way to you.


Then open within the space to choose to activate your Galactic pre-agreements or your Family of Origin reconnections. Call them forward, give them permission to come. Remember at first just choose one or the other, not both.


Be aware that all the Universal groups utilize telepathic communion for communication, and you can only participate in that communication with them while you are aligned through your Heart space.


This time is about ‘you, rebirthing you’. Remember ‘you are who you have been waiting for’. Yes, we continue to hold the platform steady for all of humanity, and actively for those of you who are ready to align, to make another turn of the wheel.


There is no mystery here, simply the requirement to build your path Home through your Heart. Within that pathway your next steps are assured!



The Pleiadians