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Christine’s Message June 2024



I was in Uluru just a few weeks ago, and the sacred energies held within the multidimensional consciousness of Uluru itself was truly profound. I found myself being drawn within the vast layers of this higher consciousness arena, being prepared energetically within myself to work and align to the Stargate configuration that is to be activated on our land in Alice Springs.


I can’t remember a time when I have undergone such a rapid transformational phase and the entire experience has left me altered on every level within my being. I am grateful while grappling to orientate to this higher consciousness form of me. There is a greater wisdom settling within my awareness, a depth of quietness, stillness, with my own higher intelligence evolving through me.


Alisa and I returned to Alice Springs and immediately began to create a deep physical clearing process of the land where the Star configuration is to be anchored. The entire space of the land is being transformed as powerful energetic sites are being unlocked, unveiled as the land is cleared in layers. The energy which is emerging is profoundly beautiful, different from anything I have encountered before. Alisa and I are undergoing a further vast and profound transmutational process of awakening as this unveiling is occurring.


I do know that powerful forces are being restored on the land and it is such a gift to play our role in this unfolding. We have been guided by the Pleiadians to find specific boulders that are to be placed to make up the sacred Stargate configuration. As these configurations are completed there will be an anchoring and alignment to a Mothership take place. All this is to be completed by October 2024.


I do know that each one of us is being called right now to spend moments in quiet stillness to be in our multidimensional Heart’s. Just know that as challenging as our 3rd dimensional lives may appear, this is just illusion. The truth of our sacred existence is within each one of us, to be sourced at any one moment of time.


I hold the Platform steady, like a mirror for each one of you. Part of my service is to be utilized, if you need support, you can call me forward at any moment.


Love and blessings,