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Pleiadian Message May 2024

Beloved ones we greet you,


Expect the unexpected as you navigate yourself through this upcoming time frame.


There is much to be joyful about as you choose to take moments within the stillness of your Hearts. Remember you Heart is your guiding light, your only true reference point for your life, your only compass. Your Heart is your tool for living, guiding you into authentic moments of understanding, and clarity that re-aligns you to Home.


Begin to claim levels of your full heritage energy by utilizing the words, ‘I AM’ within your   Heart. These words recreate sacred reactions within your energetic systems, they awaken light that have been lying dormant in your physical cells. This is your time to choose to shift, to awaken yourself through reclaiming your multidimensional essence.


A call has gone out to you to arise from your sleep, to remember. You activate your remembering process through anchoring these words, ‘I AM’.  Set in motion energetic waves of awakening through you. “You are who you have been waiting for!”


We witness you in love.



The Pleiaidians