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Pleiadian Message March 2024

Beloved ones we greet you,


The winds of change continue to unfold on your planet. A monumental shift in the pulse within the magnetic core of the Earth is birthing a higher frequency of light connection to the Universal community. Bringing your planet into a deeper alignment to the God consciousness communion state held within the collective energies of the Universe. Earth is being returned to its original heritage place within the collective.


This communion light is to simultaneously activate the release of a series of energetic veils across your planet that will change the energetic configuration design within Earth. These changes within the arena of the planet will alter the rhythm of the rotation of the planet, and this will deepen a direct alignment path to the Sun. Many synchronized shifts are to be set in motion as a series of revelations, higher alternate reality spaces will begin to activate a shift in the ‘Timeline’ throughout Earth.


You are being called to focus on a ‘letting go’ as these vast changes shake your earth plane. Be still and be committed to your Heart alignment enabling you to participate in these sacred alterations of Earth. You have an essential role to play at this juncture on the planet and all these changes are influencing your energetic makeup.


You will need to be still to allow a level of transmutation to take place within your own physical and energetic systems. As the earth shifts so do you within your own electrical systems. All is in hand. You can let go and allow the newness of the flow within your life to align you to a changing rhythm, align you into a different time continuum to be re-aligned naturally to a higher space of being.


This is your time to allow a vast letting go, so you can be repositioned to a natural reframing of your sacred systems.


We witness you in love.



The Pleiadians