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Pleiadian Message March 2024 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


Our entire Universe is on a trajectory for great change. Your planet is an active pivotal point for this shifting consciousness that is pre-destined to take place across the entire Universe. Giant ripples arising from the central magnetic core of Earth will begin to emanate across the Universe at the end of this calendar month as your earth plane begins to embody a higher consciousness network.


These ripples will create a strong vibrational current pulsing within the planet birthing an expanded alignment between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun’s path around the planet is designed to shift increasing the impact that the solar flares have on your earth plane. An expansive arena of the multidimensional alternate reality spaces will begin to reopen, these sacred spaces will blend throughout the planet as a natural phenomenon. The blending of these spaces on Earth will bring about an accelerated alignment of consciousness, clarity of truth to those of you on an awakened path.


Be still and realign through your Heart. Take moments throughout the day to achieve this simple action of returning to that, which is the doorway realigning you back to clarity, truth. These moments will accumulate, reopening doorways to create a rapid change of transmutation. This is an imperative conscious choice for those of you who are dedicated to the mission of playing an essential role in the shifting consciousness of Earth.


Humanity is requiring you to make this committed realignment to your Heart to make the difference. These conscious steps will lead you to a self-empowerment through you reclaiming ownership of your multidimensional Heart. As you make this choice you forge a path for others to be enabled to take their next steps towards their higher self-fulfillment.


Each time you consciously align to your Heart there is an energetic shift within the entire planet because you are forging a powerful path for others to follow. Remember you are a ‘Way Shower.’ This has always been going to be part of the role that you were destined to play. Simple actions by you that create vast shifts on the planet while simultaneously creating a sacred momentum of a returning within you.


This is the time for you to self-launch by beginning to activate a higher vibrational light within your Heart. To achieve this, each time you align anchor the words, “I AM”. These words anchor the truth of your own divine heritage, the words naturally activate a quickening through your heart cells, which transmits ‘a calling of truth’ to all cells in your physical body. Your cells begin to wake-up, they carry your divine frequency of light. The words “I AM”, automatically radiates out your unique Heart pulse throughout the entire Universal arena. This is how Earth starts to become a pivotal point for Universal change. This changing elemental begins with you. Between your collective Heart frequencies, a pure frequency of truth is interwoven throughout our resident Universe with your unique Heart frequency.



Each one of you is powerful in your own right. You carry within your Heart a unique divine component that does not exist within any other living frequency within the entire Universe. An aspect of your mission is to begin to unleash the living frequency within your Heart. The Timeline is now to begin this process. Collectively those of you in human bodies hold the power for this complete Universal shift.


Earth is the last planet to go through this transformation from a 3rd dimensional planet moving fully into a 4th/5th dimensional consciousness. As the Earth’s consciousness shifts our entire resident Universe will transform and move into a higher God consciousness state. As a complete Universe we must align to a higher principle frequency collectively before we are ready for another level of ascension.


Know that you as a planet are on track for this happening to take place. All is in hand and the entire Universe is working as a team to assist Earth. Only those of you in human form can take these essential steps into self-empowerment through the Heart. These steps open your   potential to work within the many sacred geometrical forms within the earth plane for a further transmutation of your planet.


Your natural heritage comes from individual star families in this Universe. Each one of you has a family of origin off planet and your multidimensional Heart carries the sacred lineage energy of your Family of Origin. As you choose to engage through the awakening of your Heart you begin to activate the natural alignment back to your Family of Origin off planet. Know that an aspect of your Higher Self intelligence arises from your star family aspect. You have a sacred origin to utilize in this lifetime at this juncture. The aspect of your star family signature is more highly evolved than your human self. As you realign to your star family frequency you begin to align to the higher gifts of consciousness that have always been yours by birthright.


The original design was that you are to begin to utilize these higher gifts of consciousness in this lifetime to assist you in creating the energies necessary to support the transition of Earth and all of humanity. Your Star family is here to assist you, there are pre-agreements made to be utilized and fulfilled now. All interaction with your Star family is done through telepathic communion, and this communion can only be received by you through your Heart. Your Heart is linked fully into your telepathic center and Pineal. This is part of your multidimensional functioning of your sacred system.


You have many natural gifts that you can automatically realign and access to utilize through your Heart. They are waiting to be reinstated within you. There is nothing that you need to alter in your human self, there is no need to achieve perfection to realign to your sacred tools. The step is simple: a conscious choice to simply begin returning to your Heart, taking moments to align. This does not mean you need to be in your Heart all the time, one moment in your Heart begins to re-establish these sacred reconnections to yourself.


We can support you with a simple process for you to move into another level of your Heart.


This process activates a natural returning.


  1. Hold both palms on your upper chest. You bring your awareness to where you feel the warmth or pressure of your palms connecting to your chest. Hold your awareness there and place a Conscious breath, like a soft wind to where your awareness is focused.
  2. Feel see or sense the opening of your Heart space, it may be subtle, it may be strong. Remember your Heart space is multidimensional vast and extends well beyond your physical body. Just take the time to explore the space…. it may be experienced as heat, vibration, color, movement, or something else, it does not matter.
  3. Hold your awareness on your experience and place another Conscious breath, in the mouth out the mouth, within the space that you see sense or feel.
  4. Bring your words, ‘I AM’, into the space, take a breath and let go. feel see or sense how the Words, act as a key to the space. Allow your awareness to fill the space and let go…
  5. Bring the words in again, ‘I AM’. Feel a further response. Take a Conscious breath and let go….
  6. Bring in the sacred sound, AHNAH (pronounced ar nah). This sound begins to open you to the essence of your Star family frequency. Use the sound three times to begin to align to the essence. Open your awareness within the space you find yourself, this is an aspect of your Heart. Take a conscious breath and choose to let go within the essence of your Star family frequency that you see sense or feel.
  7. Letting go…. letting go…. letting go…


Do this process once a day or more frequently to reestablish your reconnections to you Heart.


Know that you can call us, the Pleiadians forward at any moment to support you in this process. We are dedicated to support you in your next steps home.



The Pleiadians