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Christine’s Message January 2024



Happy New Year! I feel like this is a time of huge celebration for those of us on an awakened path. There are powerful forces of light at work within the planet. Many sacred configurations of light descended onto our earth plane at the time of New Year to move us into another elemental of light.


We have moved forward, ‘the wheel has turned’ and we are all on the cusp of incredible potential and possibility of great transmutation. The shifts that occurred on Earth at New Year in that minuscule second, during the turnover from 2023 to 2024 have heralded in the great winds of change. In that very short span of time a vast vibrational light was re-ignited through all our hearts. In that pure moment a sacred restoration of your being was bestowed back to you.


Collectively we are creating a natural, higher momentum of flow within our Hearts. As though we have a deepening pulse, a common Hum that is becoming synchronized as One. This Hum, this Oneness is an essential component for the Earth during this next transitional phase. Focus on being still in moments. Be still within your Heart while aligning to this higher pulse, hum that is within you.


There is a sacred sound, that is designed to support us in uniting energetically for this time.

AHNAHNNN…  (pronounced ar nar nnn…) Bring this sound forward into your Heart whenever you intuitively feel to do so.


We all are required to stay very steady within our Heart connections as we move deeper into this month. Know that many Earth changes are coming and be aware that you will be at a pre-destined position as these shifting elements unfold. Be still and allow yourself to let go and trust. All is in hand, no matter how things may appear to be as the 3rd dimensional drama unfolds within your life and around the world.


Together, through our collective Hearts we can hold the Platform for humanity at this very sacred juncture. We have come here to Earth to participate in this way. Those of us in human form are to play an essential active role, more than ever previously held in the history of this planet.


I honor you and your unique light that you carry within your vast Heart. Let’s remember to breathe and let go and take moments to bathe in the light of our unique Heart’s hum.


Love and blessings,