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Pleiadian Message December 2023 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


The Scahndahlah effect consciousness light is continuing to build in momentum, creating huge waves of pure light consciousness which are flowing throughout your planet. This vast content of flow is unleashing a higher fluidity across the entire planet. The fluidity of this movement can be likened to a powerful current, which has an ultimate design to reposition you steadily towards your natural higher path.


The energetic planes on Earth are being re-established to mirror the sacred starlight frequencies, which have always existed within our resident Universe. These starlight frequencies carry within them your family of origin vibration which is a component of your Higher Self. This aspect of your sacred makeup is being re-established through you and these vibrations interact naturally within your Heart cells.


The starlight frequency’s role is to place a vibrational call out within your Heart cells. They create a forging, utilizing a magnetic action, that realigns your Heart cells to the many sacred particles of pure light communion arising within the Pineal crystalline structure. These sacred particles have always existed throughout all time in this Universe and only now they are being reinstated through you. These communion particles are awakening you, realigning you to your sacred heritage that has always been fully intact just beyond the veils.


This is a ‘calling’ which is designed to grow as you get closer to the end of this calendar year. This call activates the transmitter that makes up a multidimensional component of your Heart cells. This transmitter shifts the cellular vibration of the entire multidimensional Heart. Each one of these individual shifts are being created in readiness for the vast change of the collective energy designed to flow onto the planet right at the precise moment of New Year.


There are a series of pure geometrical forms of light destined to return to Earth. These openings are referred to as windows. These windows will open twice during the final day of the year, twenty minutes before Sunrise and twenty minutes before Sunset. These windows contain holding pattern frequencies that have never been presented on the earth plane previously. These windows are designed to transform those of you who choose to open your awareness to them at the designated times given. These pure designs are to create a complete shifting cycle within the entire multidimensional plane of the magnetic core within Earth.


This is the time for you to prepare as you move into a next phase of the ‘New Dawning’ era. You are about to enter a new time continuum which will bring forth a profound and rapid transmutation of Earth. This is a true launching that will create an eruption through the magnetic core within the Earth consciousness light and bring forth a vast shift within your own consciousness. The energetic settings of Earth are shifting to create a container suitable for your rebirth. Like a pendulum you will swing beyond the illusion, your Hearts multidimensional capacity for transforming will act as a stabilizing unit during this powerful happening.


You are being called to step forward now in preparation, consciously choosing to let go of all that no longer serves you. The multidimensional aspect of your Heart has the capacity to hold the full crystalline consciousness of your higher being. At this juncture your expansive starlight consciousness is destined to begin to descend, anchor, and integrate within the cellular structure of your physical body while reigniting a more expansive aspect of your multidimensional consciousness.


The profound levels of these higher arenas will continue to evolve as you approach New Year and move beyond into 2024. You are individually being prepared to launch yourself into a vast space of unlimited potential. You are never alone. You are currently being monitored and assisted through the pre-agreements that you made before this incarnation that are being made manifest now.


Your human aspect is being challenged. Any old belief systems that you are holding onto from past experiences, any beliefs that you hold that are illusion are being magnified in your life right now. This is the time to let go of any form of effort. You can consciously choose to let go. There exists a more complete aspect of your higher self that can effortlessly filter through all the illusion. You will be enabled to realign to this higher-level intuition of your consciousness.


Your intuitive knowing can only operate through you in moments of stillness, within the tool of your Heart. You are being asked to consciously choose to let go when you find yourself caught within the illusion of the fear, struggle, and the drama of daily living.


You are already on some level within the form of this flowing consciousness current. There is nothing to do except surrender to the flow and allow yourself to be carried to meet these pre- destined realignments. Profound change in your life unfolds as you choose to align within your intuitive knowing and to enter a new alternate reality frequency state of consciousness. You will enter a very different arena of yourself as you choose moments to align to this incredibly transformative pure frequency of truth within the flow.


We, the Pleiadians continue to hold the Platform of energy for this transitional time on Earth. Remember the intensity on the planet will build as you move closer to the time of New Year. Maintain your stability through creating sacred moments of connection to your Heart. This is achieved by you creating a building momentum of connection throughout the day with your Heart, one moment at a time. The accumulation of these Heart moments will create the stability and peace within you to fulfill that which is yours to do!


You are being called to let go on many different levels right now. We remind you that you are not alone. This is not the time to try and understand what is taking place, rather to choose to let go into the ‘not knowing’ space of your Heart.


Remember through your collective Hearts you are linked to the God consciousness state. Your next step is right in front of you. Let go, let go, let go….


Choose to consciously open to receive and download the imprint of your heritage of light through your consciousness by taking moments to being still within your Heart.


Claim ownership of your starlight power by utilizing the words, “I AM”.


You are being witnessed, held within the vast realms of love.



The Pleiadians