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Christine’s Message December 2023


Alisa and I are celebrating being in Alice Springs for one year! The time has gone so fast, and we have achieved so much in this amazing place. There has been a huge change in the alternate reality spaces since we have come here. I have noticed how the frequency veils have totally become fluid in nature, have completely shifted throughout the valley where we live.

I do know that my entire relationship between myself, the Pleaidians and the Galactic community has completely changed. There is a greater merge, oneness through communion that has developed between us, almost an instantaneous blending of consciousness that is continually evolving.

How wonderful to be here on this planet at this very powerful, life changing juncture. The forces within the Universe are supporting each one of us to make the changes that are required for our own life. The pure forces are building as we get closer to the time of New Year.

There is a much bigger galactic consciousness at play this month and we are being imprinted by the potent frequency of the Scahndahlah consciousness in readiness for the time at New year. This Scahndahlah energy is designed to expose the illusion, the   ‘negative’ situations, systems, and relationships, allowing you to begin to understand a much wider perspective of yourself within the whole space of reality. This action is designed to assist you in cutting straight through your current sense of reality. There is no room for scapegoating the situations that you have created in your world.

This is the time to take ownership of your creation of your life and through this you have the inner ability to truly shift your present circumstances. These higher imprints are designed to draw out your unexpressed potential and remind you that you are the only author of your life. This timing is designed to support you to begin turning those hopes and dreams into a self-realized experience.

The Pleiadians are talking about sacred windows opening for us on the last day of the year. Twenty minutes before sunrise and five minutes after and twenty minutes before sunset and five minutes after heralds in a magical opportunity.

There will be a series of open energetic windows that will be accessible to us at these times. Through our Hearts we can move into a vast higher system of multidimensional realignment. These realignments are designed to prepare our systems to be launched at the time of New Year. As the veils expand and lift we are enabled to enter a higher consciousness state of alignment.

Know that I continue to hold the Platform for your next steps and collectively we can hold a Platform for the earth plane and all humanity. Letting go….

Enjoy the holidays and collectively we are being asked to hold our awareness consciously within our Hearts at the time of New Year.

Love and blessings to each one of you,


P.S. I am so looking forward to working with those of you attending the 3 Day Pleiadian Seminar December 8th, 9th and 10th.