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Pleiadian Message October 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,


We celebrate your unique vibrational frequency that exists within your multidimensional Heart. Your frequency within your Heart is like a central jewel shining, pulsing outwards within your earth plane and flowing into this resident Universe. This is the time for you to begin to understand your inner power that flows outwards from your multidimensional Heart space. The time is now to further develop this connection with the higher aspect of your sacred nature, to begin to actively, consciously utilize this aspect of yourself in your day-to-day living.


The unveiling process of your Sacred multidimensionality within your Heart is essential for your own wellbeing and for the support of the entire consciousness of humanity. Know that your sacred nature is fully intact just beyond the veil, the parting of this veil lies within your Heart space. Enter your Heart with your awareness, part the veil and reveal this sacred aspect of yourself. This conscious action of entering your Heart is part of your self-resurrection process, a natural process and part of your mission for this lifetime. This conscious action by you is destiny in motion.


Take moments in your Heart, moment by moment you will create the building blocks required to achieve your self-resurrection. You are not alone. You simply need to call forward the support you require, the help will be there.


You have a direct experience of this help unfolding, through being linked within your Heart.


We witness you in this next conscious step.



The Pleiadians