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Pleiadian Message August 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,


Strong energetic forces are at work within Earth. The effects of the Scahndahlah event are expanding in light intensity daily. This light is reconfiguring the energetic vortexes and ley lines across the earth plane. There are a series of multidimensional sacred patterns being reestablished within these energetic centers. These light patterns are enabling the vortexes and ley lines to anchor and stabilize the higher light structures that are being opened across the planet and within the magnetic core of Earth. The energetic rotation of Earth is speeding up and the concept of time is collapsing as your planet is undergoing a full multidimensional realignment process. Your planet’s entire energetic structure is undergoing a vast transmutation process that will continue to accelerate as you enter the New Year.


Simultaneously you are undergoing a transmutation process within your crystalline structure in your physical bodies. This process is also impacting your Pineal, brain synapsis, brain Stem and Heart as your electrical frequency systems are undergoing rapid transformation. Change is here and you need, like never before, to work within the energetic platform of your Heart. Your Heart connection is a natural stabilizer for you at this juncture. Your Heart acts as a sacred compass giving you a reference point, keeping you in balance during this transition.


There is energetic support available to you during this transmutation period. Your Family of Light, Spiritual realms and we, the Pleiadians are here to play that role.


You have free will and need to call any of us forward, giving us permission to assist you in adjusting your energetic framework to support you during the ongoing transmutation process.


All is in hand. This is your time to unfold into your sacred birth. We witness you.



The Pleiadians