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Christine’s Message August 2023


There are so many vast energetic openings being revealed to me since the Scahndahlah event took place. The awakening of these pure light creations has opened me to a higher clarity and more defined purpose for myself. There is a collective interaction with the entire Universal and Spiritual community that is unfolding as I am enabled to enter a higher elemental of consciousness. I have entered another phase of existence, and I realize this is not something new, but a returning to Truth. A space so simple, whole, complete…


There are many alternate reality spaces of light reflecting this higher experience of myself within this re-alignment. I am filled with an inner joy as I savor the moments of re-discovering myself on this level, within this environment.


I love being on this sacred land in Alice Springs. The natural forces seem to fully embrace me, different than elsewhere, almost as though my Heart is a natural extension of this energetic arena. I can express this unfolding as there being a constant Hum within the landscape and I am part of that Hum and simultaneously the Hum is active within me. I am naturally letting go more with each passing day, allowing the Hum to reshape me. I am aware of a process of the shedding of many of the old shells that I have been holding onto from the past aspect of my humanity.


The Pleiadians are continuing to guide me as I move into my evolving framework of Being. There is so much more that I understand about the Journey, my past experiences of being human, and moving forward into the multidimensional moments as they present themselves to me.


This sharing feels essential, as I am writing these words. I can feel a deeper definition of this process opening within myself. I am grateful to continue to be hold the energetic Platform and play my role on this planet. What is essential to know is that each one of you are playing a pivotal role on the earth plane right now and sometimes it is easy to forget this reality while engaged in the illusion of daily life.


Remember each one of us holds a unique divine frequency of light within our Hearts. At this juncture, like no other, it is imperative that we engage and are active this divine frequency imprint within our Hearts. As you take this conscious action of aligning through your Heart the vibrational light of the Scahndahlah event can activate and align through you. Repositioning you to your evolutionary aspect of Self on another level. This is the plan for now, destiny in motion as we collectively align through the frequency of our Hearts.


This is the time for a collective shedding of the old as we are being held within the sacred spaces of light from the Scahndahlah effect. Each of you is being called, take moments to answer the call within your Heart.


I send love and hold the energetic Platform for you to join me in this sacred arena.

Love and blessings,