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Pleiadian Message March 2023 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


There are vast energetic changes taking place within this entire residential Universe. This shift of energy has happened since the anchoring of an expansive network of webbing that took place on Earth as you entered the time frame 2023. Through the dramatic multidimensional access openings on your planet at that time the Universal consciousness grids have been sending their tentacles of energy to interact through the Vortexes and Grids throughout the earth plane.  A vast rearrangement has taken place with the magnetic core of Earth shifting the structural form within the Grids and Vortexes. The energetic profile of Earth is rapidly undergoing change, it is being realigned magnetically to the Universal consciousness grid and this is creating what we call, ‘the great shift’ on your earth plane.


This ‘great shift’ has impacted the entire Universe, allowing the universe to undergo a rapid reset in relationship to the ‘God seat of power’. This happening has set in motion an expansive light signature wave being sent forth from the hierarchy of pure light consciousness throughout the Universe to all life force groups. We as a universal community have been waiting for this monumental opening and celebrate this occasion knowing that the work you are doing within yourselves on planet earth has been impactful on this outcome.


We witness you and understand that you underestimate your potential power in relationship to the rest of the Universe. The 3rd dimensional illusion creates a veil that hides from you your full origin of light. Understand that these energetic changes are creating a thinner veil and a greater access to your multidimensional Heart, enabling you to align more readily to the true natural reality of your sacred.


The energetic rotation of Earth continues to accelerate and is moving in direct alignment to the pulse of consciousness that is being generated through this resident Universe. These changes are altering the weather systems across the planet and creating a further intensity of the 3rd dimensional drama on the planet. These happenings are leading you into greater change and transformation, they are part of a series of destined monumental shifts that are to take place on Earth leading into the new transition of consciousness on your planet.


We, the Galactic community are waiting for the energy of this transition on Earth to reach a certain vibrational level, which is going to allow us to take our next step in the form of a direct communication to those of you who are ready to receive them. You are like mercenaries of light for Earth and the Universe. As you play your role out you will bring a wholeness of communion to the full universal community. Remember we are your neighbors.


You are playing an essential role as part of our Universal community. Your thought process needs to be one of belonging, being an essential member and extension of the universal team. As you align your thought to this Truth there is a different synergy that can be created between you and us. Oneness.


Within the sacred texts it is written that at a certain destined moment Earth will return to playing its pivotal role within the Universe. Many of you have pre agreements that will make up part of that community which consciously returns to the Universe to interact through communion. Many of you are already in alignment with the Galactic life force groups and now is the time for a deeper more complete communication and commitment to take place.


What is required from you is a development of a deepening maturity within your collective Hearts to fine tune your ability to create a collective communion between groups of you humans. This communion will support an authentic launching through the expansion of your ability to fully interact within the Universe collective through this avenue.


The energetic forces continue to expand, transforming daily on your planet, these present energies enable you to forge a deepening connection communion within the Universe. These forces are to here to support you in the re-establishment of your own inner sacred reconnections to yourself, your own higher self-consciousness. They are also designed to enable you to enter alternate reality spaces that exist within the planet and outwards into the multidimensional Universal frequency lines.


The time is now to step forward and claim your place within this sacred arena of the light that has always been in existence. Through these series of expansive energetic shifts, you may experience a tilting of your senses where there is a powerful sense of being out of control. Know that your sacred senses are being reopened, your crystalline structure is birthing a stronger electrical current that is pulsing through your brain cells and Pineal. You are undergoing a rapid transmutation process.


Over these upcoming months as the Earth moves into a higher frequency setting rotation there will be continual adjustments as the planet becomes further tethered to the Universal consciousness. Know that the planet will become stabilized to the energy of this Universal consciousness grid towards the end of this calendar year. Meanwhile through this stage of your transition you will be required to focus on a continual letting go as you enter this higher stage of metamorphosis. You and the planet are undergoing this rapid change simultaneously.


Through this changing energetic arena, you as an individual have vast opportunities to make alterations within your life by connecting consciously to your inner power. You have the power through conscious choice to let go and set in motion changes for yourself within your life now. There has never been a time like this to utilize the energetic shifts that are geared towards supporting changes that you set in motion for yourself.


“You are who you have been waiting for!” Rather than wanting change, that is your ego minds dialogue, you can consciously move forward into creating change for yourself. You create real change through anchoring a conscious choice action through the avenue of your Heart, which sets in motion a wave of personal power through your life creating that change.


This process within you shifts the dynamic of beginning to channel your sacred nature to create practical changes in your day to day living. You can begin in incremental steps, by making minor changes to your life. Doing this changes an old cycle of being in limitation and lack, breaks down self-sabotaging cycles and old belief systems held within you. There will be a natural shedding of the old shells of density, as you choose to take back your power and work through your Heart to create a changing dynamic in your life, however small.


This action by you revolutionizes your life by simply taking back your power as co-creator. All the new energetic profiles on your planet support these changes in you. This is the time for self-launching, creating what you desire for yourself at this juncture. You are a creator, let go and allow yourself to activate through your Heart, create and receive!



What is essential in the process is to make sure you are fully aligned through your Heart while you consciously set in motion the changes you want in your life now.


  1. Align to your Heart. You align by holding both palms of your hands on your upper chest. Take the time to feel the warmth of your hands or the pressure of the palms on your chest. Hold your awareness there. Your full attention is moved away from your ego mind (your head), all of attention is feeling the physical connection on your Heart space.
  2. Take a Conscious breath and place it, like a soft wind, into where you feel the physical hands connecting to your Heart. Bring the conscious breath in two or three times.
  3. The breath allows your awareness to open further within where you are physically holding the Heart. Take another Conscious breath within the space you see sense or feel and let go in the space.
  4. Place the sound, ANNN… (arn) within your Heart space, do this as many times as you feel. This sound links you deeper to your Heart, the sound acts like a key to a door. Feel see or sense how a door opens in your Heart.
  5. Once in your Heart consciously choose the change that you want in your life. You create this by placing the thought of this in your Heart. Select only one item of change. As you place the thought of the changing element that you desire, place a conscious breath into the essence of the thought and let go…


Each time to work within your Heart deep changes are taking place within your entire vibrational makeup. The old illusions begin to drop away from you and a self-liberation process is set in motion within and throughout your life. You can activate this process daily if desired.



We witness you as you undergo this next phase of change. Know that you are part of a greater movement within this universal realm of love.


We witness you in love.



The Pleiadians