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Christine’s Message March 2023



I cannot believe we are into March already. This year is zooming by, and it has been a hectic time moving into our new house and adjusting to being surrounded by the amazing landscape of Ilparpa, just 15 minutes outside of Alice Springs.


We are gradually setting up the house, settling in a little more each day, while orientating ourselves to the powerful energies that are held within the sacred beauty of the McDonald ranges. Our place is nestled between two ranges with our house directly opposite the pure energies of sacred dreaming sites that exists within the McDonald ranges.


There is a huge relief to be finally coming onto the land, being moved into this limitless energetic space. Alisa and I are going through huge inner changes as we are being aligned to the many higher energetic fields that are being revealed to us here. We are being anchored strongly to a series of very different energy markers that link into alternate reality spaces.


These links are unfamiliar to me, though somehow, they are reactivating a remembering within me. I can feel such a different essence, a vibrational life force that is arising, being transmitted from these markers within the McDonald ranges. They are interacting through my senses and reopening areas within my Pineal.


I am feeling more enlivened here by the sacred energies and sense of warmth, a welcoming, being greeted by many beings. We both feel held and supported by the profound energies of this land. The Pleiadians are giving me specific directions on how there needs to be a series of patterns forged and activated within the land. We will begin to set this process in motion by mid-month.


At the same time, we are aware that we have a lot of other specific energetic work to be done on the land, at the direction of the Pleiadians, in preparation for the upcoming anchoring for the Diamond Arc of Light as well.


I keep getting glimpses of the powerful alternate reality spaces that are existing simultaneously to our current reality here. It’s as though we are sitting on the edge between earthly experiences and other worldly higher consciousness spaces. I have been shown just how vast my potential can be accessed here within these pure spaces of light, and the essential role I am to play as a transmitting platform for the planet, for humanity. I continue to let go with joy within this adventure of so much unknown.


I look forward to the upcoming call on the 11th March at 4:00 pm central time, sharing with you all of what I see as our first steps forward. I am sure I will be bringing more information from the Pleiadians at that time. There is so much support here for us to receive and daily we are aware of the vastness of potential that is all around us.


Just know how the current energies on our planet are here to support each one of us on our journey. I do know that all of us need to focus within our Hearts for ongoing clarity and support. Knowing that our Heart is our only true compass for guiding us in our life right now.


I send love and blessings out to each one of you and ask for your continual energetic support.