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Christine’s Message February 2023



There has been so much happening here in Alice Springs, and daily I can feel myself becoming more and more aligned to the sacred landscape of this place. I am being fulfilled beyond what I could have imagined for myself while being held within the most indescribable energy of nourishment.


We took a three day trip to Uluru mid-January. Alisa and I were pulled by an invisible cord to reconnect one more time to the cave at Uluru, this was a profound journey of monumental proportions.  Almost three years ago to the day we underwent a profound life changing experience of reconnecting to our Pleaidian tribe in that cave. We hiked into the amazing gorge at Kata Tjuta opening to sacred reconnections there and understood how essential it was that we be there at that specific time. So much grace being given to us here!


On our return to Alice we found a house to rent on beautiful land in Ilparpa just 10 minutes outside of the town. As we walked the property we felt received. You can look out at the powerful and amazing ridge of the McDonald ranges. From within the house there are direct views of the ranges, and the house is placed directly opposite some powerful sacred dreaming sites that exist in those ranges.


I know this is where we are to live and feel tremendous excitement at the rightness of this place. We will move into the house by the 3rd week of February and this is ‘the next turn of the wheel’! I know that the energetic work we have been called to do can be achieved on this land and so I am excited to think that very soon our community project can begin.


I now have located 10 rocks for our upcoming project for activating the Diamond Arc Consciousness and I am unsure at this time how many are needed in total.


Just know I will be calling for all those of you who wish to be part of this community project soon to be on a Zoom call so that we can discuss the steps of this process. I am thinking that this will take place early March. I will keep you informed.


Alisa and I have been launched into a new world and feel extremely grateful and deeply touched daily for the gifts that are constantly around us. We are committed to each moment letting go into a lot of ‘not knowing’ however that seems much easier to do than ever before.


I feel ‘set free’ somehow of many restrictions and limitations within myself and there is a new ease within my Heart. I look around and am astounded by where I find myself!


I hold the space for you to ‘let go’ on another level wherever you find yourself in your life right now. To be in the stillness within moments during your day, to take in this glorious time of transformation.


Love and blessings,