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Pleiadian Message June 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


Your energetic world is transforming on Earth, opening like a flower would open its petals to the Sun. There are sacred flows of light consciousness expanding, linking you from the Earth into the multidimensional states of light, creating pathways, opening doorways to you back to Self.

This ‘Self energy’ is a natural extension, a part of your sacred makeup. You are being given stepping-stones back to realignment to your fluid flow of unique consciousness light. You are now being enabled to link within the unique flow of your higher consciousness state of being. This flow, which is the natural extension of the makeup of your own consciousness is available to you and can be accessed through an alignment to your heart space, which is your physical chest area.


Be still and within the stillness you will be given entry to the multidimensional aspect of your Heart. Here you find the entry point to the vast space of your higher consciousness and link within the flow of Self. This flow is designed to reposition you energetically so that you can realign to Truth, clarity and knowing. You require these natural gifts to fulfill your purpose, to complete your mission here on Earth. This flow holds your unique fluid God consciousness signature, you are recognized through this frequency. When you align to this flow, your physical cells actually become immersed within this flow. You become re-infused by your own unique divine light flow.


We will witness you as you emerge, like a butterfly coming out from its cocoon, taking flight. This is a time of rapid transmutation as your inner sacred flow becomes self-realized within you. Take this journey now, this next step of self-illumination.



The Pleiadians