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Pleiadian April 2022 Message

Beloved ones we greet you,


Vast flows of electrical light are radiating from the Sacred Sun onto your earth plane. These pure rays of consciousness are eliminating further layers of illusion that has been held in place for lifetimes. The releasing of these veils is naturally aligning you into another level of the higher potential of Self. Bringing to you an access beyond the density, revealing pathways to higher consciousness realms that have always been in existence on your planet.


This is the time for you to evolve through this opportunity of opening, for you to return to another phase of your existence beyond the human reality. For you to re-enter the multidimensional states that have always existed simultaneously on your planet. Mass transformation to your Higher Self is now possible as you choose to accept your divine heritage. As you are repositioned your perceptions are adjusted, your awareness is moved beyond where you have been aligned previously. You move into other realms to a self-realization as you reconnect to the unlimited spaces of your higher consciousness that awaits you, fully intact just beyond the veils.


The energetic dynamics within your planet are going through a complete reset. You can expect to experience a further changing landscape of energy within the planet, as the energetic rotation of the Earth is destined to continue its shift. This accelerated rotation of the planet is forming a higher intensity of light that is building in momentum. Waves of electrical brilliance are being propelled around the planet’s aura, birthing a vast limitless expanse of intense light. The Earth’s aura will continue to evolve as the magnetic core of the Earth and the aura form a highly expansive Framework between them.


These Frames that are being opened on the planet are due to the energetic frequency changes which are taking place on your planet. Your Earth is beginning a higher cycle of transmutation. This is a destined happening for your planet and ‘a homecoming’ of your own higher consciousness.


Through this birthed synergy the magnetic core’s electrical pulse has expanded outwards across the earth plane into the Universe. Forming sacred patterns from another multidimensional environmental level of energetic resonance that is aligning fully into the collective God Consciousness state. Planet earth takes another step of forming a further alliance of sacred synergy within our resident Universe.


Those of you who are on an awakened path are going to find yourself being realigned into many diverse altered reality states of consciousness. You are being shifted, realigned into a direct experience of your higher light as these synergistic energetic alignments are being created between the Earth and the rest of the Universe. Alternate Timelines are being made accessible to you as you find yourself being repositioned energetically within another hierarchy of yourself. Here, within these Timelines you will encounter a more expansive profile of your own energetic consciousness.

As these doorways to a higher consciousness state are being made re-accessible to you through this expansive shift within your earth plane, you are being re-tuned to your light. These realms of alternate spaces have been made manifest within your reality now. They are designed to bring you back, to realign you to your original sacred settings, this is a natural happening. This changing arena gives you further access to another aspect of reality, allowing transformational experiences to unfold within your consciousness.


During your transference process your ‘returning’ to your origins are possible. Through these changing arena’s you are enabled to access another facet of a pure expanded consciousness of your potential, experiencing peace and knowing.


As you begin to return to your sacred origin, to an expansive state of consciousness you will experience levels of disorientation. This returning will begin in phases at first, beginning for just moments at a time and then gradually you will orientate into a more stable permanent state of being. Suddenly you might find yourself within an altered experience, just a fleeting moment of being somewhere else or experiencing a flicker of light around you. Maybe a moment of disorientation within the space of life that you are experiencing at that time. Or possibly being in extreme dream states different to what you have ever encountered previously. This entire re-entry process is a natural state of returning, realignment, reunion to Higher Self components. Part of your re-birthing process of awakening.


During these returning experiences there is an actual disconnection of the Ego mind that is taking place within the experience. The very moment you enter an alternate moment and engage within these higher realities beyond the 3rd dimensional framework there is a complete shift within your sacred senses. Each time this happening occurs it creates a further opening pathway, which naturally realigns you to your authentic Higher Self environment.


What is essential within these moments during your altered experience is to simply take a Conscious breath and let go. Your choice of letting go at that exact moment of the experience sets in motion a powerful process of re-alignment through your sacred systems. A light switch is turned on and simultaneously a shedding process activates within you, allowing another level of density to leave your body. The process of your rebirth must involve you taking conscious action within moments, taking one more step towards your unfolding by saying, “Yes” to the process. Remember the Conscious breath accelerates your process.


You can launch yourself further within this process through the conscious choice action of actively engaging with the essence of the Sun’s rays. The unique divine frequency of your light will align within your physical cells as you interact within the essence of the Sun’s rays.  Remember the Sun is holding a more expansive frequency of itself. The consciousness of the Sun can work within you to activate a mirroring process through bringing the pure frequency of the essence of your light for you to embody. These combined elementals of your unique frequency are destined to be made manifest within you through being absorbed within your cells to shift your cellular makeup.


Your cells will respond to the light mirrored by the Sun setting in motion a reawakening of your expansive multidimensional frequency throughout the cells of your physical body. These frequencies enable your higher consciousness light to actively realign into your physical crystalline structures that exist between your cells. This entire process systematically creates a disconnection within your Ego mind and gradually, steadily create a total re-orientation of your energetic physical and emotional systems.


There is a sacred sound, THAHNSAY (pronounced tharn say) that you can utilize to optimize your work with the Sun’s rays. As you create this sacred sound, you activate your unique frequency like no other in the Universe. You are recognized by this sound and the Sun’s consciousness begins to transmit another level of an awakening frequency through you. The cells in your body will respond, opening like a flower to the Sun. The Sun’s light rays will respond, resonating to your sound, bringing a magnifying brilliance to expand further within your cellular makeup.


The Galactic community and the Galactic council are playing a prominent ongoing role in stabilizing these expansive higher multidimensional states that are evolving within the planet. We, alongside the entire Universal community are holding a platform while the entire energetic profile of your planet transforms. These higher vibrational states are designed to launch you onto your unique alternate paths of destiny. These pathways will allow you to engage in a more complete way with your Family of Origin off planet.


You are destined to expand into a sacred meeting point of conscious communion with your Family of Origin. The communion process will align you into a higher level of inner fulfillment as you work within a level of unconditional love which exists within these higher levels of connection. Through communion you begin to return to your place within the oneness and reactivate your telepathic communion center in your brain. This is your time to revolutionize yourself, for you to rebirth you. As you become self-realized through consciously activating your pre-agreed commitments with your family off planet, you move into a further fulfillment of your mission in this lifetime.


An aspect of your destiny and fulfillment of your enlightenment comes through the telepathic communion reconnections to your Family of Origin off planet. They bring to you a nourishment through the sacred communion connections that further reopens your sacred senses.


You have an individual diverse vibrational base frequency in which you can align to a higher framework of light that encompass your Family of Origin. Each one of you can be launched back within these spaces. You are to be received within an expanded consciousness network of the God consciousness state that contain the unique frequency of sacred reconnections to your family off planet.


This is a profound time of change you have entered. You can set this process of transformation in motion by choosing consciously to enter your own Heart space and then send an energetic frequency of love from your Heart outwards to your Family of Origin. This action begins to activate your pre-agreement with your Family of Origin off planet. Understanding you have free will, so only you can set in motion your pre-agreement with your Family of Origin. You don’t need to know who your Family of Origin are to activate your family pre-agreement. It is enough to simply call them forward from your Heart space.


All communication from your Family of Origin is received through your Heart space, all communication to your Family of Origin is sent through your Heart space. Your Ego mind cannot receive any aspect of the telepathic communion. This means that you must be aligned into your Heart for all communications.


At this juncture of total energetic change there will be a continual upswing of 3rd dimensional drama on your planet. Do not fear the drama, this is simply the necessary playout by humanity, part of the unfolding story of illusion at this juncture. Stay focused within your Heart and allow your inner transformation to unfold within you. This is your mission right now, to focus on developing an inner alignment and open to your authentic guidance from your multidimensional Heart.


Allow your perceptions to naturally shift, adjust as you align within a more elevated state of your multidimensional Heart. These higher understandings will carry you into higher experiences of the light, which exists parallel to the drama. One expression is the 3rd dimension drama, the alternate higher dimensional spaces are based only on Truth.


You are being called to create expansive multidimensional links within you and to allow yourself to unfold into other realities of yourself, allow an expansive unveiling of yourself through the avenue within your Heart. Know that all is in hand, take the path of your Heart and live within the space of unlimited expression of the light which you are!


We witness you.



The Pleiadians