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Pleiadian Message February 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


The winds of change are continuing to flow across your world, within your physical and energetic systems as well as through your individual lives. There is an acceleration of another level of energetic shifts activating and expanding the energetic arena of your planet. These changes are being transmitted from the central magnetic core of the earth and they will continue to impact the network of light, which can be likened to an Aura that has surrounded Earth since New Year.


Be still and let go, allow your inner transmutation to complete itself for now as you consciously choose to let go. Within the stillness you can integrate the higher energetic metamorphic shifts within you. Understand that there are different components within you waking up, your systems are going through an electrical upgrade. You may have confusion, not be able to think clearly or find words to describe your present state. All is in hand. You are in the middle of massive shifts and your process of unfolding energetically continues.


Activate the energetic support that is here for you. This support is part of the pre agreements that you made before entering this incarnation. Call forth this support now, which is you giving permission for energetic alliances to interact with you, help you integrate your systems into these series of higher frequency settings within you as they take place.


This is your time for rebirth, all birth is intense. We witness you and hold an energetic platform around the planet in support of your planet’s transition.



The Pleiadians