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Christine’s Message December 2021



What are powerful and transformative time we are going through leading into the New Year. The energy of the upcoming ‘Split’ is already impacting all areas of my consciousness and daily living. This time feels as though every aspect of my life is being rearranged and not in a concise way!


The Pleiadians are telling me to breathe, stay in the moment and just let go! I am doing just that spending sacred moments in the stillness of my Heart, taking time with the natural forces. I have been working alongside the strong contingent of Pleiadian and Galactic teams who are busy energetically preparing the vortexes and portals throughout the earth plane in readiness for the time of the ‘Split’ at New Year.


I am being told to hold a stable Platform for all of us who are on the Conscious Path. Together, at the time of the ‘Split’, we will enter a communion at the time of New Year. This Communion light that we will create between us will be highly instrumental in birthing a new balance of energy for our planet. This happening is a powerful moment of destiny in motion.


Love and blessings to you,