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Pleiadian October 2021 Message

Beloved Ones We Greet You,


We bring forth a simple message to you; understand that only you can set in motion your own transformational process. This must be done on conscious level of letting go and choosing to seeking realignment to the natural aspect of your Sacred light. You choose to return and stabilize within this sacred vibrational component of Self.


This returning is set in motion by incremental moments of choosing reconnection through your Heart. At this essential juncture of time the doorway stands wide open, set for you to return Home. Through a letting go you open into a pure component, made up of a frequency of Trust; this is the foundation stone that makes up the multidimensional realms of our resident Universe.


The ‘letting go’ process is magnified by utilizing the Conscious breath; the Conscious breath is a breath taken in the mouth and then release out the mouth. The Conscious breath says, “yes, I am willing to let go and yes, I am ready to receive my light.” It is important to note that the Conscious breath does not replace your normal breathing pattern, you take the Conscious breath when you choose consciously to enter a moment of letting go and to receive.


Your original makeup is one of love, this frequency of love exists within every Heart cell, the love is an essential component within the structure of your multidimensional Heart. As you enter your Heart you align into a place of Truth. The Conscious breath allows you to enter the gateway within your Heart. Your Heart is the entry point to a multidimensional Pathway leading you, allowing you to participate within your higher order of light. This Path brings you into a natural deepening alignment to a more complete understanding of your mission here on Earth.


Each one of you has a unique frequency Path to follow that contains your sacred blueprint for this lifetime. As you align to the Path, your Blueprint aligns you to an activate light flow, like a river of light. This flow begins to work within your life to reposition you where you need to be, opening the doorways of opportunity, aligning you to others who are to play a significant role with you at this juncture.


You are about to be realigned further to a higher knowledge, for this is the time for a deepening unveil of your multidimensional reality of your Higher Self. The illusion of your 3rd dimensional experience right now can be likened to a spider web, this webbing locks you into a place of illusion, a seeming reality. The Ego mind creates an entrapment through the illusion of fear, struggle and confusion. This Webbing is designed to separate you from Truth and the sacred reality of your unlimited profile.


As you enter this month a higher cycle of awakening is being made possible. This is your time to align to your destiny in motion; powerful energies are entering Earth to support you in disentangling yourself from this 3rd dimensional illusional Webbing.


The way for you to begin to disengage from the Web is achieved by aligning into your Heart space. This is your time for renewal, reconnection, reunion, of returning Home. One moment aligned to your Heart begins to shift and break down the hold of the Webbing. Every time you work within your Heart the Webbing becomes less dense, vulnerable and you begin to pull away from its illusionary hold.


Be still and open into the expanse of your own multidimensional Heart.  Allow the next steps of your awakening to unfold within, remember you are the only one who can initiate these changes within yourself. The action is one of you choosing you; remember, “You are who you have been waiting for.”


You have been born with free will and only you can create a higher consciousness world for yourself. Access the magic of becoming a living vessel being refilled with the unique frequency of your master light. The choice is in front of you now; take a Conscious breath, let go and begin to realign beyond the Web through the pathway of your Heart. You return to embody receivership of your own creation element that exists within your Heart connection.


A powerful action is to witness your life as it exists in this moment, within the illusional Web. Embrace the playout of your creation, your own human experience. Witness the full story of your life, the good, all the challenges, the pain you have experienced through the choices you have made along the way. Try not to judge yourself or place blame on anyone else. You played out your role and participated fully in every experience, good or difficult. You were never a victim. Taking ownership of what you have created without judgment.


We witness you and honor you for the courage of walking this path as a human being. The sum -total of all your experiences have brought you to who you are in this moment. Do not regret your experiences, your decisions. There is no such thing as a wrong decision. Every dynamic within your life has created the perfect learning experience for you. You have done the very best you could in each moment in time! Your Ego mind would have you think differently, for the Ego is fully engaged within the illusion, which is held in place through the Webbing.


You are not responsible for any other human being experiences; they are responsible for their own learning process, as you are. No one needs saving, each person has their unlimited potential within them. One person is not more than another. You are not a victim and you never have been. While you hold onto regret, shame, guilt or betrayal you are not taking responsibility for the pre agreements that you set in place for this lifetime’s human learning experiences.


You begin to break free from the illusion of the Webbing by taking responsibility and ownership of the creation of your own life. You are a creator and as you own your past creation you begin to take back your authentic power. This is a paramount step to a breakthrough within the illusion; leading you into creating the changes you want for yourself, activating your Heart’s desire in your life now.


This does not mean that you won’t have moments of separation and experience regrets from your human Ego mind. You will still have your human experience, moments of separation. What is essential for you to do, is to bring focused moments of aligning to Truth, of the ‘perfectly imperfection’ of your human life.


There is great importance to have an ongoing learning experience of your human self. By growing a deeper understanding of your idiocycrocies and vulnerabilities as a human being you begin another essential step in your enlightenment process. As you gain a deeper understanding of your human aspect, you are led to experience moments of self-acceptance, patience and compassion. The action of self-acceptance, patience or compassion are true acts of self-love. With one moment of self-compassion every cell in your body begins to change, this moment allows the density, the old cycles of self-sabotage to shed. Every individual moment becomes accumulative, this is the action of you rebirthing yourself.


Beyond the Webbing, you naturally realign to Truth, you naturally are returning. Within this space your experience is never controlled by the illusion, the whim of your Ego mind. Through your Heart you connect into the sacred vast aspect of your authentic Self, your Heart is your creation center.


The doors for change are wide now for you to reengage beyond the illusion. These openings through your Heart create an authentic reference point for your day to day living. Your Heart becomes a stable point, a launch pad for you to manifest your Heart’s desire.


PROCESS: This process moves you beyond the Webbing of illusion, realigns you into your Heart.


  1. Choose to take the pathway within your Heart. Place both palms of your hands on your physical chest. ( this is your Heart space which extends well beyond the physical body)
  2. Feel see or sense the pressure or warmth of your palms on your chest. Focus on this feeling, sense…
  3. Take a Conscious breath, place this breath like a soft wind within your Heart space, with your awareness. As your breath is placed, open your awareness up further within the space see sense or feel. There may be an energetic opening, a vibration, a color or something else…, it may be subtle or strong, it does not matter. Place your breath as many times as you feel, until the space feels more complete, open.
  4. Bring the sacred sound, EENNN… ANAE (pronounced eennn anay)
  5. Feel see or sense how your unique sound creates an echo within the space, like ripples on a pond, or maybe your sound creates an opening, light or a magnification within the space. Let your awareness open into your experience, however it is presenting to you.
  6. Take a Conscious breath right into the space where you find yourself. The Conscious breath allows you to let go and align deeper within the space.
  7. Make the sound again, EENNN… ANAE.
  8. Feel yourself being recognized, received in some way from your sound… let go and allow your awareness to open even more fully as the space opens further.
  9. Feel see or sense the space within your Heart as you are received by the light. Bring in as many sounds as you feel, EENNN… ANAE
  10. Take a Conscious breath and let go, choose to let go and open your awareness within the limitless space of your Heart.
  11. Bring the words, “I AM”, within the space that you find yourself.
  12. Take another Conscious breath right into your experience, into the essence that you see sense or feel. Letting go… allowing everything to fall away in this moment of time.
  13. Slowly bringing your awareness to where your physical body is sitting. Your feet connecting to the floor feeling yourself slowly coming back fully into your body.


Please note that you can utilize the Sacred sound or the Conscious breath at any time during the day to acknowledge a conscious and ongoing connection to your pathway within your multidimensional Heart.


The sacred destiny timing for you to awaken is now. Come, take the step into fully being alive and living your potential!


We witness you.



The Pleiadians