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Pleiadian August 2021 Message

Beloved ones we greet you,

winds of change have entered Earth as the vibrational essence from the Covenant continues to evolve and unfold throughout the earth plane. These higher vibrational flows are being transmitted by the Covenant and they are interacting within the magnetic core of Earth.

This transmission is expanding the energetic frequency emanating from the Magnetic core, like a heartbeat of light. This ‘heartbeat’ is pulsing outwards into our resident Universe, being received through the Universal communion, which exists throughout our community interacting and contributing to the collective consciousness that has always existed. The Earth’s frequency now holds a higher integrity and for the first time is able to bring its light frequency into the Universe, contributing to the collective.

As the Earth pulses the light frequency from the magnetic core outwards through the Universal sectors there is a completion energy being set in motion impacting the entire universal community energetic. This Universe has been waiting eons for the vibrational flow of Earth to shift in order to allow the entire Universal consciousness to expand into a higher frequency of the Oneness. Now the separation begins to melt away, a beginning of completion as a higher path of consciousness forges a rebirth throughout the Universe. This process of completion will be a gradual unfolding, as these higher reconnections within the Universe expand and come into fruition.

As the Earth’s magnetic core is able to contain more and more of the pure reflections that are arising from the Covenant, the ‘heartbeat pulse’ generated by the core continues to expand in fluid light. Your entire physical and energetic body is also being impacted through this brilliant fluid pulse. This pulsing is reawakening a transmitter that has been lying dormant within each heart cell. Every heart cell is beginning its own unique pulsing light sequences, which are designed to interact and awaken your multidimensional light systems within your physical and energetic systems. This is an awakening as these sequences of light flood your systems and reopen doorways within the Brain. The action can be likened to turning a light switch on in a darkened room for the first time, creating the action of Illumination and transmutation simultaneously.

Your entire physical and energetic systems are being transformed as they carry these pulsing light sequences that hold key awakening vibrational patterns. You are currently undergoing a physically transmutation process throughout all of your systems. These are electrical shifts that are the rewiring of your brain synapses and brain cells and creating an electrical redesign within your Heart cells. This is a timed mechanism of your destiny, your awakening set in motion at the time of the alignment with the anchoring of the Covenant on Earth.

You are naturally a multidimensional being of light and these redesigns within allow you to embody your fully expanded component of Higher Self light. These changes within your systems enable you to stay in this physical body while anchoring the full elements of your higher order of light within your physical form. In past incarnations you have had to leave your physical body in order to rejoin your Higher Self energy. This is the first incarnation you have the opportunity to bring your full light to be made manifest in your physical form while continuing to have your human experience.

During this transmutation phase within your physical and energetic systems you will encounter in moments disorientation. You are being shifted from one multidimensional experience into another as you realign to these alternate reality settings. As the electrical frequency of your Heart is being recalibrated you may experience a deepening of your heartbeat or intense rhythmic changes within the Heart. There may be dizziness, disorientation, confusion and exhaustion as you move through this transmutation phase. This is just the crossing point that will be resolved as you move through these series of adjustments.

This pulsing from the magnetic core is also arising across the earth plane, unearthing the density, which has always been hidden. This upheaval will create a further playout of drama with a magnification of separation creating walls between individuals, families, communities, countries and specifically internal wars within your self.

You must keep your focus on your human aspect and Higher Self at this particular time. Work within your Heart to stabilize yourself while doing your inner work to deepen your understanding of your human Ego mind. Commit daily to your unfolding process, taking the time to open into the feelings that are arising in your day-to-day 3rd dimensional life. Hold your human part with love, compassion and patience, which exists for your humanity from the love within your Heart. Be committed to allowing sacred moments as you return ands align within your Heart.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the outer chaos in your 3rd dimensional world. You are not responsible for saving anyone else. In Truth no one needs saving from the experiences they have chosen to create for them selves. Each individual has the ability to shift their own experience at any moment of by choosing to accept the responsibility of their own creation.

We are witnessing the 3rd dimensional drama escalating on the planet, which has always been destined to accelerate simultaneously with the Covenant light bringing forth these awakening tools to all who are ready. The 3rd dimensional experience is being played out on Earth as the higher dimensional unfolding from the Covenant takes place. Both of these processes are taking place simultaneously and they originate from very different dimensional realities and one does not impact the other.

What is essential in your process of unfolding is for you to gain the understanding of your full makeup. You have your human aspect and your natural multidimensional sacred nature. Through your Heart exists Truth while your Ego mind holds the misperception or misunderstanding of what presents as Ego mind truth.  Any experience, for example fear, can arise in any moment from the Ego mind, this feeling is based solely on a story generated by your Ego mind and never based on truth.

All human experiences arise from your Ego mind (for example the feeling of fear) while simultaneously you can choose to connect within your Heart into your Higher Self component. As you move your awareness into your Heart the feelings of fear generated by the Ego mind simply dissolves.

All the mysteries are gone, for this is the time of the Aquarian Age for Truth, for clarity to be revealed to you through the tool of your Heart. Clarity is self-empowerment enabling you to consciously choose to take the necessary steps towards your Higher Self component. You have the potential to set in motion an evolutionary change within.

Through the vibrational light of the Covenant layers upon layers of the old dense outworn patterns within you are being pealed away. This action by the Covenant is part of your natural renewal. Creating a different, more complete fluid framework to be fully realized throughout your physical and energetic systems. This design is being made manifest in order for the Higher Self, sacred aspect to be self-realized through your physical and energetic systems. This is the time for an unfolding of your destiny, for you to enter the next phase of your energetic redesign within your physical and energetic bodies.

This entire energetic unfolding is an aspect of ‘the new dawning’ we have referred to over the last two decades. The completion fulfillment of ‘the new dawning’ is to take place throughout our entire resident universe, and we the Pleiadians are part of a universal team to support this happening. This is as our mission at this juncture of our incarnation.

We are to support, to hold the Platform to bring the love to each one of you who are willing to call us forward in this phase of your awakening journey. We fully support each one of you on your path and witness your courage on this path of awakening. Each one of you has a free will choice to take this next step of your evolution on Earth. Your mission is for self-realization and through each conscious act of aligning into your Heart you naturally support all of humanity through your own individual actions.

In Truth – You are a being of love. You were made from love consciousness and you will return to your natural state of love within the Oneness. The Oneness holds the sacred design of the ‘flower of life’, which you are apart. This purity is a rising force within the Universal realms. These are your roots, and you will in this lifetime return to this self-realized state.

This process is designed to link you to the Covenant pulse through your Heart:


  1. Slowly bring both hands to rest on your full physical chest area (which is your Heart space). Feel the warmth or pressure of your hands on your chest. Bring your full awareness into the space whether you see sense or feel this space.
  2. Take a Conscious breath and place it like a soft wind into this space.

Note: The Conscious breath is a breath in the mouth and then the breath is released out the mouth.

  1. As you place this breath into your Heart space, let go and allow yourself to enter the space. This may be light, fluid, warmth, peace, a large space, a small space, or colors that you see sense or feel. Take as many Conscious breaths into this space as you feel to do.
  2. Place the sound, ANAE ENNN… (pronounced arnay ennn…) within your Heart space. As many sounds as you feel to do.
  3. As you place this sound the vibrational essence of the from the Covenant begins to enter your Heart cells. The light is drawn into your full Heart. Feel see or sense how the essence of the Covenant opens and expands your Heart. As you bring more sounds, ANAE ENNN…the light pulse of the Covenant illuminates opening deeper within your Heart. Feel see or sense how the energy of the Covenant pulse flows into your Heart.


Know that you can create this process daily to support your unfolding process.

We witness you and all that you are within your sacred framework of light.


The Pleiadians