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Pleiadian Message May 2021

Beloved ones we greet you,  A profound phase of change is coming onto your Earth in the upcoming weeks. A higher vibrational phase of light is entering and anchoring on your planet. This frequency light enables you to realign to a higher aspect of your consciousness. This includes the sacred design of your Higher Self component which becomes manifest for you to consciously access knowing and knowledge. Leading you into ‘a remembering’ of your mission and the necessary steps for you to take in order to actively engage successfully within the energetic plans.

It takes only one moment in time for you to choose to harness these light frequencies within your Heart.

There are a number of steps that you need to consider:

  1. To activate your pre agreements. You must have your support team in place and work with your team. You cannot fulfill your mission successfully alone.
  2. To consciously choose to engage daily within your Heart. This allows an unfolding of strategic details to be revealed to you. You receive, not through trying, rather to let go and Trust.
  3. To understand that you must fulfill the guidance only from your Heart. Your Ego mind will want to interfere and make suggestions and will want to assess you and your progress. Your Ego mind has a total misperception of you and your mission.

There is nothing you have to do; nothing needs to be contrived. This is a natural unfolding process. Simply choose your Heart connection and allow it to build day by day. You are enough just as you are! You are ready for this unfolding, let go.

Change can only begin within you and arises through your desire and choice to reach beyond the 3D illusion and choose to link into a higher experience, which has always existed. As you open up through your Heart and choose to let go of your Ego minds misperception you enter this higher consciousness experience within your life. You set in motion a ripple that moves outwards, supporting others to come back to their path of Truth.

We witness you as you unfold within the light of your Heart.


The Pleiadians