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Pleiadian January 2021 Message

“Reconnection to Your Sacred Realm Component”Beloved Ones, We greet you. Celebration! A new order of light has been established on your earth plane.  Much is being opened for you within the night skies, a different configuration within the star systems is being revealed. Some of you have already noticed an energetic pull that is being generated from the night sky that is interacting within your Heart. There is a communion light being transmitted directly into your Heart cells activating a remembering, creating a deep yearning for something more for your self.

The frequency that is arising on the horizon at the time of the dawn and dusk has altered. This vibration is carrying a transformative essence within its framework. This vibrancy of light has never been experienced on the planet previously. The Sun is able to transmit an expansive intense brilliance through these transformations. The transmission of this higher configuration of the Sun’s frequency heralds in a grace period for the accelerated awakening within you. These rays of the Sun contain the mirror of your own higher brilliant essence that you are. This is the time of the completion phase of ‘The New dawning’.

The vibration transmitted by the Sun’s rays announces this next phase bringing great change to all who are on Earth. This is a time of a flow of continual renewal within you. Individually you can witness your transformation as waves of a higher vibration of light birth and arise through your Heart daily.

Doorways of expanded light are being reflected within the sky as a series of energetic pathways from the sacred realms that are becoming reestablished on your planet. These framework pathways are accessible to you now. You can consciously open up your awareness through your Heart to allow a merging within these collective Doorways of Light. You are being prepared energetically for a further transitional phase that is coming.

Since late in December you have undergone an entire vibrational shift within your energetic frequency and consciousness. A metamorphic process has been set in motion within to realign you into a higher vibration of Truth.

These Doorways which have created these pathways have begun interacting and guiding you from your Heart, linking you back to a higher knowing and knowledge. This higher vibrational frequency that is flowing through your systems carries components of your brilliance that continues to be mirrored by the Sun. The Sun’s frequency will continue to build, expand daily flooding your energetic systems and creating a quickening across the earth plane.

Great change is upon you. You are being enveloped, embraced within the heavenly light of your God aspect. This pure force of a higher component has arisen from the multidimensional opening within Uluru, which activated and exploded across Earth. The Gateway at Uluru is continuing to transmit outwards, continuing to launch you into a higher terrain of reconnection to your sacred realm component.

Every cell in your body has been awakened on another level as you are being relinked to your pure lifeforce component that has been dormant until now. This sacred vibration, like a pure flame of light creates an expanded, vibrant living heartbeat within you. This self-realization process has changed your makeup frequency within your physical, energetic and emotional being. You are undergoing an expansive rapid electrical shift within your systems. You have been re-aligned and will continue to transform.

The crystalline structure within your Heart, Spinal fluid and Brain is acting as a facilitator of this higher vibration creating an accelerated transmutation process within you. This is a returning for you. This unfolding can be likened to the reforming of a sacred bridge anchoring through you and your place within the Collective god consciousness state that has always existed in multidimensional reality states within the Universe. Through this reconnection lies an active higher path anchored deeply within you, vibrant and alive.

All life force energies that are actively connected to the light, within this resident universe, alongside the ‘God seat of power’ are playing an instrumental role during this sacred event of unfolding.

We, the Pleiadians and Galactic community, have been stabilizing the Portals, Vortexes, Sacred sites and Grids as they evolve and hold the sacred frequencies of awakening steadfast. The Stargates within Earth have been fully reactivated for the first time in eons to facilitate you in your process.

You are to play a more complete role. You are an essential component to these upcoming and ongoing changes on your planet. You, as human beings, carry the torch of transformation within your DNA. There has been a further repositioning of your DNA since New Year activating another part of your destiny.

You are being guided into a higher flow. This will allow you to implement these reconnections to the vast aspects of your multidimensional light component that has begun to become manifest within your Heart. You individually carry the active link design within your DNA to enable you to transmit and forge the essence of Truth and love that is to become the most important active transformative ingredient within your communities on Earth. These sacred elements are designed to elevate the consciousness on Earth. Remember you have always been an extension of this sacred element.

Through the changes in your DNA your inner functioning has changed. You have been altered energetically to fulfill your mission and play your role on the planet. This shift enables you to consciously be able to activate your unique light outwards, from your Heart to humanity. This process is one of many of your natural multidimensional aspect of abilities. Within the component of your multidimensional Heart purity exists. Your Heart carries the sacred link to a higher vibrational love.

You, who exist in human form, are the only ones that can consciously create this higher balance of light consciousness on Earth. This is achieved through your conscious action of transitioning these higher components of reconnection through you. Stabilization can be found only within your Heart space. Your Heart plays the role of a stabilizer and acts as the bridge to your higher consciousness of light.

Claim your multidimensional Heart within the light of Truth. The Doorways of Truth have been reopened to you. These Doorways radiate rays of light from the higher realms onto Earth in order for you to continue an expanding realignment to your higher path.

Collectively, as a race, you can set in motion a wave of light consciousness across the planet. A dedication to letting go within the realms of your Heart will build this momentum. This process is about taking moments of reconnection within your own Heart.

All conscious connections to your Heart will accelerate your transition and each time you make this choice of connection your Heart cells can realign to a higher realm of your sacred light. This is the action of you returning. Allow this transformation within you by simply letting go within your Heart. This action of letting go within your Heart is you choosing Truth. This powerful process is about you choosing to do things differently by choosing a higher consciousness path of your Heart to activate your destiny.

There is nothing to stop you being propelled into reconnection to the sacred union of light, which has entered Earth. These waves of brilliance began launching throughout the planet in the third week of December and have continued to expand and flow into the essence 2021.

Expect to experience a higher order of transformation within you. This higher space brings forth an undefinable sense of ‘being’ that does not require words. Utilize your awareness and allow yourself to investigate experiences as they unfold through you by utilizing the Conscious breath through your Heart. There will be no point of reference for you to identify this higher state of expression of the essence of Self, so breathe and let go as you navigate yourself deeper into this higher state of reunion.

Pay no heed to the third dimensional drama. Your ego mind has a strong misinterpretation of Truth. Know that all is in hand and continue to allow a letting go, which allows the old belief systems to simply fall away from your physical form and energetic field.

Be committed to individual moments of connection within your Heart to forge an ever- deepening connection to the flow of Truth and love that you are.

We hold you as you receive your higher destiny redesign.  We witness you in love.

The Pleiadians