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Pleiadian Message December 2020

Beloved ones we greet you,  Celebration! Celebration! Celebration! Claim your multidimensional Heart within the light of Truth. The Doorways of Truth are about to reopen. These Doorways will radiate rays of light from the higher realms onto Earth, in order for you to begin realignment to your higher path.

Some of you will have already noticed an energetic pull that has been opening up within your night skies, in the dawn and dusk frequency. You can allow a merging within these collective Doorways, which are preparing you energetically for this upcoming transitional higher phase.

All higher connections of your transition will ultimately begin within the Heart cells. Allow this transformation within you by simply letting go. This action of letting go within your Heart is you choosing Truth, is you choosing change for yourself, is you choosing a higher consciousness path and is you choosing to activate your next step.

There is nothing to stop you being propelled into reconnection to the sacred union of light that is destined to enter your Earth towards the end of this calendar month. These waves of brilliance begin launching throughout the planet in the third week of December and will continue to expand and flow into the essence of New Year.

Expect to experience a higher order of change within, an undefinable sense of Being that does not require words. Utilize your awareness and allow yourself to investigate experiences as they unfold utilizing the Conscious breath through your Heart. There will be no point of reference for you to identify this higher state of expression of the essence of Self, so breathe and let go navigating yourself deeper into this higher state of reunion.

We hold you as you re-enter.  We witness you in love.


The Pleiadians