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Video – Pleiadian Awakening – Sounds and Language

The Pleiadians bring initiating energies for us to receive through their sounds. These frequencies of sound open up dimensional spaces in which we can birth ourselves.

These sounds go into the physical body and begin to break down the density holding within the physical body. Where physical disease exists, there is always a built up area of density around the site, and this build up restricts energetic flow.

These sounds move in to create an acceleration of energetic flow that promotes healing. The breaking down of the dense areas create this physical and emotional healing.

The Pleiadian language speaks directly to your soul essence and aligns it within your energetic field, aligning this higher aspect of yourself through your cells. This creates an accelerated awakening within your heart cells.

The Pleiadian sounds work throughout the energetic field, opening up an expanded dimensional flow that supports you in being able to align more effectively with your Higher Realm self because your energetic flow expands dimensionally. You are able to hold a greater aspect of your higher self within your cells.

Each time you listen to the language and sounds from the Pleiadians you will go through a rebirthing process. These sounds and language are multi-dimensional in form, which means that you can listen to this over and over again receiving new levels of awakening within you. Each time you will have a deeper and more complete experience of a rebirthing take place within you. The levels of these experiences are unlimited.

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