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8. “Shifting Your Perceptions: Adjusting into a Higher Energetic Orientation” Zoom Class


NOTE: Upon purchase you will receive a link to the class material (2 videos and pdf material)

The Covenant vibrational structure entered Earth in late June and is part of our unfolding destiny, it heralds in a next phase of our transition on Earth. Bringing to all who enter consciously a metamorphic transmutation process of further awakening. The Covenant holds a consciousness origination from the higher order of light, from the God seat of power, from the highest light of the God consciousness state. You are choosing to move into another state of Being, of returning to a expanded state of fluidity as a divine aspect of the Oneness. And to then make manifest the state of collective communion light to Earth, to humanity.

This is a turning point for each one of you as you consciously choose to re-access, re-aligning back to the roots of our creation elements.

The Covenant is expanding its vibrational light, and is currently holding and activating a series of pure sacred reflections which are dramatically shifting the entire energetic framework of the Earth. The Earth’s frequency is now holding a higher integrity and the vibrational flow of the Earth has shifted due to the Covenant’s transmissions since it entered Earth. Earth’s magnetic core carries the sacred reflections from the Covenant.

This is the time for us to actively align more completely to our own higher order of light.

In this upcoming Zoom class the Pleiadians will be creating a series of transmissions to create adjustments within your Pineal center to bring you into an alternate state of Being. During this class you will receive a series of imprints to reactivate another aspect of your telepathic senses. Re-opening doorways which have been closed, lying dormant until this juncture.

The reopening of doorways within your Pineal will give you access to enter the sacred light of the Covenant within a higher resonance level. These energetic setting adjustments within you launch you into another state of Being.

Come and shift into a higher energetic orientation of Self.