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Video – Energy of Christ – Activation of The Resurrection Imprint

The Christ energy plays a powerful and essential role on our earth plane. The Christ energy is here to support each one of us in our self-resurrection energy. The ‘Christ energy Imprint’ holds a pure loving force that reflects, like a mirror to us, the self-love. The purity of love enables each one of us to move from a place of self-condemnation into a place of self-acceptance.

The Christ speaks of our mission in this lifetime for self-resurrection. Now is the time to take ourselves off the cross and resurrect ourselves from everything that we have judged ourselves to be. To release ourselves from the condemnation, the guilt, the shame and all that we have judged about ourselves while living out our experiences in this lifetime and other lifetimes.

Come and receive this multi-dimensional ‘Christ imprint’ energy. Open up into a full state of receivership to activate this imprint through your heart cells. The Imprint itself is placed in the heart and flows into the cells of the heart to bring the love, the frequency of light. This flow of light melts away any barriers to you receiving on all levels.

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