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The Pleiadian Promise

by Christine Day
A Guide to Claiming Your Sacred Heritage,
And Answering Your Destiny Call
The Pleiadians are moving humanity into our next phase of being here on Earth.
Our reason for being here is now changing. Through the opening of a new multidimensional
time frame, a pure light frequency has activated the sacred timing of an
important aspect of their commitment to us as a human race.
This is what the Pleiadians refer to as fulfilling “the Promise” that was set in place
lifetimes ago. Now is the time for them to reveal to us as a human race the sacred
aspects of who we are and what we need to do to become fully self-realized and fulfill
our role on our Earth plane.
This Promise activates the revelations of understanding and knowledge to be given to
all those who are seekers of Truth— information that will help us to understand this
transition and the role we need to play to fully open ourselves to our magnificence.
A series of blessed revelations align you to a deeper natural aspect of your own
humanness and spirituality. The Pleiadian Promise also includes 13 channeled audio
files that give you a direct experience with the Pleiadians through multidimensional
levels of light initiations.

‘This book is beyond words….it is so so so amazing….we are ready for this….my heart is so inspired that we are here and ready for this next step…or should say leap….the Pleiadians and Christine are truly amazing… I keep pinching myself to see if this is a dream?  It is a dream…and yet our New Reality….I am so grateful that I manifested you, the Pleiadians and Christine in my life…The synchronicity of all of this, that the Pleiadians timed the writing and release of this book at this amazing time is so incredible…THEY KNEW…I have this great Trust and Confidence that my Multidimensional Self  can completely take over my life and lead me into the next phase of the Plan….whatever that is’   Christopher D.

You can access the audio files in mp3 format using this link: