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2. Sacred Perceptions “Re-Aligning to a Higher Vista of Truth” Zoom Class

NOTE: Upon purchase you will receive a link to the class material (videos and pdf material)

Christine has been directed to create this 90 minute class with new Pleiadian Initiations that we are ready for now.        

You will be entering an expanded light vibrational journey, which will be opened up and held by the Pleiadians for the next step of your awakening.

This is a journey of reconnection, reunion within the divine framework of your multidimensionality existing within the 10th – 16th higher dimensional state.

We will be utilizing the sacred Gateway created through the sacred Pyramid base held between Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Atila for us enter these frequency states. 

In this class you will be:

 – working through a sacred design patterning given by the Pleiadians.

 – utilizing sacred sounds and learn to work with Higher Realm tools to navigate your way within these multidimensional frequency states for      reconnection.

 – receiving a copy of pdf material and the video class to enable you to continue your unfolding within this higher vibrational state for ongoing unfoldment.

This is all new work that has not previously been accessible until now.

The design of this experience is to enable you to move into another space of being to assist you in your day to day live now.