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3. “Realigning To The Sacred Chamber of the Heart” Zoom Class

Enter the Infinity Symbol Matrix to be Reborn

Within the Sacred Chamber of the Heart

NOTE: Upon purchase you will receive a link to the 90 minute class material (videos and pdf material)

The Pleiaidans invite you to join them to receive these next levels of the Higher Realm initiations in this new video class.

Utilize sacred tools given by the Pleiadians to reactivate your direct alignments to your Higher Realm potential.

You will be initiated to form an alliance with the sacred consciousness held within the Infinity symbol. This is a powerful process allowing you to enter into a higher state of ‘letting go’ energetics, which is designed to launch you onto your higher destiny path.

The chamber of your sacred Heart reopens and allows a recalibration of the Brain synapses and Pineal.

This entire process supports you in readiness for the higher transitional flows that will be coming onto our earth plane.