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Pleiadian Principles for Living

Pleiadian Principles for Living with 27 audio files

Pleiadian Principles for Living
By Christine Day

Christine Day’s shares about her second book ‘Pleiadian Principles for Living’.

This is a handbook to assist people to navigate themselves through the changing times right now. I think it’s incredibly important, because it actually helps us understand the Earth changes, where we are in this time, what’s happening on the planet, what’s happening to us physically, how the shift is taking place on our planet and how this birthing process is taking place between us and the natural forces on the planet. It speaks to our relationship changing to the universal consciousness, to the spiritual realms, and how we can now start being part of the flow through conscious choice.

Audio files attached to the book will allow people to go in and journey and activate their crystalline structure, and gives them step-by-step processes to work with to be able to align to the natural forces and how to use the telepathic communication and the telepathic communion center.

With this book, people will be able to start consciously working and aligning with the natural flow and become part of the flow of these changing times. It shares how you can align and start communicating and working side by side with the spiritual realms and the other energetic alliances. It offers connections to the crop circles within the sacred matrix.

The initiations are designed to open people so they are able to make direct alignments to their own light. When you are receiving the Pleiadian light initiations, they create an energetic womb with light around your energetic field. The initiation process opens your own light channel, so you can begin to birth this light, this alignment to your self to that aspect of your light that is outside your body. The light initiations assist you in anchoring the light and aligning it through the cells of your body, awakening the energies through the cells. The Pleiadian’s light is not coming into us. It actually holds an energetic space around each reader and creates an environment for self-healing and reconnection and awakening to self — on all sorts of levels. It’s an empowering process for our ability to awaken at this time.

It’s all self-empowerment. The Pleiadians are here on the Earth plane because they have a pre-agreement to be here now to help us during this time, which they call the New Dawning.

The Pleiadians liken us to a drop in the ocean. As we return to the ocean as that individual unique drop, everybody within that ocean becomes more defined within them selves, because there’s a completion element in place. It’s like when the jigsaw puzzle is finally in place. With every piece, the picture is complete. There’s a wholeness that takes place.

At one point years ago the Pleiadians were pushing me to join that ocean of light, as that one drop. My ego mind was scared. It was like, ‘Gosh, I’m going to lose myself. I’m going to become nothing. Where am I going to be in that?’One day I just let go and allowed the experience, and I became even more defined within myself, more complete.

You may ask, ‘What is in it for the Pleiadians in being here?’

They want all of us back in our places. The Pleiadians are part of the collective consciousness. They are not separate from us. We look at them as different, but we’re all part of the God consciousness, of the Oneness.



You can access the audio files in mp3 format using this link:


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